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Stanley en Livingstone.
Stanley's Expedition.

This set of 42 square slides was published by Alfred Underhill, Dissolving View Artist, 23, Clarendon Road, Croydon. A label with the publisher's name and address is affixed to each top right corner.

A series of the same 42 images has been released by York & Son, England, entitled 'Stanley's Emin Pasha Relief Expedition'. The quality of this series is significantly less than the Underhill series.

The expedition took place between 1886 and 1890. The images are from The Graphic and Illustrated London News.
Slide #1 is not in the collection.

The image is from the York set.

1. Introduction 2. Group of officers
3. King of Belgians and Emin Pasha 4. Map
5. Transferring passengers to Congo River Boat 6. Tippoo Tib
7. En Route to Leopoldsville 8. Arabs raiding a native Village on the Aruwimi
9. Stanley giving final instructions to Major Barttelot 10. Foraging for Supplies
11. The Vanguard attacked by Forest Dwarfs 12. Lieut Stairs wounded by a poisoned arrow
13. Dr Parke sucking the Poisoned Wound 14. Vanguard marching through the Forest
15. Lieut Stairs charged by Wounded Elephant 16. Scaring Elephants in Banana Grove.
Slide #18 is not in the collection.

The image is from the York set.
17. Forest Dwarfs eating Snakes 18. Skeletons of Man, Dwarf, and Gorilla
19. Carrying Steel Boat through the Forest 20. Stanley showing his Followers the Promised Land
21. End of the Great Forest 22. Starvation Camp
23. Our first Meeting with Mazamboni's People 24. Burning of Mazamboni Village
Slide #26 is not in the collection.

The image is from another set.
25. First View of Lake Albert Nyanza 26. Fort Bobo
27. Emin Pasha crossing Albert Nyanza 28. The Meeting of Emin and Stanley
29. Mountains of the Moon 30. Mountains of the Moon, discovered by Stanley
31. Types of Emin Pasha's People 32. Execution of Soudanese Mutineer
33. Native School Children singing National Anthem 34. Stanley's Caravans with Emin Pasha at Masabala
35. Last Camping Ground 36. Stanley's return to Civilization
38. Emin Pasha's People at Home
Slide #40 is not in the collection.

The image is from the York set.

39. Stanley at Shepherd's Hotel at Cairo 40. Stanley at Albert Hall
41. Miss Dorothy Tennant 42. Wedding of Stanley at Westminster Abbey

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