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Walter Tyler 

A large mahogany and brass magic lantern (c. 1890) with a brass plaque, engraved with the name of the maker:

WALTER TYLER Ltd. 48-5- Waterloo Rd(opticians) London S.E.


Below the bold carrying bars, there are panelled doors to either side with blue glass windows under rotating brass covers. The rear door is hinged at the top. There is a 4-1/2 inch (11.3 cm) condenser lens inside. The projection lens is engraved: '9 In.', and has a smooth rack and pinion system for focussing.
Dimensions: the mahogany base is 18-7/8 inches (48 cm) x 11-1/4 inches (28.7 cm). Height to top of chimney: approx. 17-1/4 inches (43.8 cm).


Old kerosene Magic Lantern c. 1888.

Beautiful solid maple lamp housing. On either side of the projector a brand plate: Walter Tyler Optician, 48 to 50 Waterloo Road, London SE.
Dimensions: length 48 cm with retracted lens; approx. 50 cm with extended lens. Height 36 cm. Projection lens diameter 3.5 cm. diameter condenser 10 cm.


Walter Tyler's New Pattern Helioscopic Lantern, c. 1890.

The English lantern and slide manufacturer/retailer Walter Clement Tyler opened a shop at 115 Waterloo Road, London in 1885. In 1887 he moved to number 48, as is mentioned on the trade mark shield. One of Tyler's best-known lanterns was this Helioscopic, which went through many models.
This "Helioscoptic Lantern" measures 20" long and 17" high. There is a large space for storing accessories at the bottom of the lantern.


A fine example of Walter Tylerís Pattern Helioscopic Lantern, (patent circa 1890). The front lens has several extending parts, which makes it possible to use the lantern in a very large hall.
A simple and efficient oil lamp illuminant that could be used in the Helioscopic lanterns and other similar types of magic lanterns. This 'Refulgent' system was originally marketed by Newton & Co from 1877, but soon became the standard for many other makes. First models had three wicks and three brass adjustment screws to match, this is a four-wick model. It has patent nr 2459. The upper hood section at one end has an internal reflector plate with a blue glass lens at centre, the opposite end has a clear glass fitted in four lobes. The lamp measures 7 inches long, 8.75 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide.
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