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Primus Coloured Lantern Slides. 
Primus Coloured Lantern Slides.

Though these sets not really form part of Butcher's famous Primus Junior Lecturers Series they are sometimes documented as numbers 812 - 822 of that series. The sets are published by Houghton-Butcher, London. In 1925 W. Butcher & Sons became the Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to provide joined manufacturing facilities with Houghton Ltd. In 1926 this became a formal merger with the forming of Houghton-Butcher (Great Britain) Ltd, London, and in 1930 Ensign Ltd. The slides are consequently made after 1925.

Readings and sides of the square cardboard box for Chapter I. Animal Humorists.

Chapter I. Animal Humorists.

Chapter II. Wigs and Whiskers.

Chapter III. Carrion Hunters.

Chapter IV. Builders and Miners.

Chapter V. Living Submarines.

Chapter VI. Stars and Stripes.

Chapter VII. The 'Upper Ten'.

Chapter VIII. Armour-plated Animals.

Chapter IX. Giants and Dwarfs.

Chapter X. Special Practitioners.
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