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depicted on magic lantern slides.

Illustrated History of the Union Jack
A series of 6 coloured Magic Lantern Slides showing in an interesting and instructive manner how the 'Union Jack' was evolved.
The slides are packaged in a cardboard box (below) together with an leaflet (left).
The manufacturer of these Primus Lantern Slides is William Butcher & Sons, London.
1. Title slide, complete 'Union Jack' 2. Flag of St George for England 3. Flag of St Andrew for Scotland
4. Flag of St George and St Andrew 5. Flag of St Patrick for Ireland 6. Flag of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick
Celebrities of the Great War

A set of 12 magic lantern slides released as Primus Lantern Slides.
In addition to the well-known Primus Junior Lecturers' Series, the manufacturer William Butcher & Sons, England, also produced other series of lantern slides that were sold as Primus Lantern Slides.
The subjects were less aimed at children, such as this series of portraits of famous generals and other important personalities from the 'Great War', of which it was not yet known that this was the first one and a second would follow.
1. His Majesty King George V 2. H.M. Queen Mary 3. H.M. King Albert
4. The Czar 5. The Grand Duke Nicolas 6. President Poincare
7. Field Marshal Earl Kitchener 8. Field Marshal Sir J. French 9. Admiral Jellicode
10. General Joffre 11. General Smith Dorrien 12. Field Marshal Earl Robberts
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