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Adam and Eve
part 2.
Two slides from a large series Bible Pictures, probably made by Alfred Pumphrey. The slides measure 8.2 x 8.2 cm and are both numbered '366'. In the top right-hand corner there is also another number, 8 and 10.

Magic lantern glass slide in wood frame of the Bible based image of Adam & Eve being evicted from the Garden of Eden by the Angel with the flaming sword. This slide is from an old OddFellows lodge that has been closed down for many years. The wood frames measures 4" by 7" and the round opening to the glass slide is 3" in diameter. The label on the edge of the frame says "Knights of Malta... Angel with flaming sword".
Nog twee lantaarnplaten waarop te zien is hoe Adam en Eva uit het paradijs werden verdreven.
De vierkante platen komen waarschijnlijk uit twee verschillende series.

Afmetingen 8,2 x 8,2 cm.
Black and white version of one of the lantern slides above. This slide has a label in one corner reading 'Old Testament Reading'. Manufacturer unknown.
Adam en Eva depicted on a long mahogany magic lantern slide measuring 35 x10 cm made by Carpenter & Westley in their series 'Scripture Subjects. C. 1870.

Two magic lantern slides from a larger set of Biblical scenes. The slides measure 2.75" x 3" (8 x 10 cm). One is titled "Expulsion from Eden (Fugel)" and the other "Cain & Abel".
l'Histoire d'ADAM et EVE.

A set of 30 magic lantern slides. Probably French. The labels at the bottom of the slides are provided with a number 1 - 30 and hand written French texts.
Size: 8 x 9 cm.

The party is over now. Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden by the Angel with a flaming sword.

Five scenes from the Old Testament.

Five round glasses in a wooden frame. The first glass shows Adam and Eve at the tree and the serpent. The next glass shows Cain killing his brother Abel.

Photographic black and white magic lantern slide labelled "First Death, Bouguereau". Adam and Eve mourn the death of their son Abel. The original is an oil on canvas painting by William Bouguereau (1888).
Made by McAllister, a leading American optical en lantern family. Slide is 3.25" x 4" (c. 8 x 10 cm).
Another magic lantern slide showing Adam and Eve mourning the death of their son. The First Sorrow. The slide is labelled:

The First Sorrow.
Manufacturer: Williams, Brown & Earle, Philadelphia.
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