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Animals appear in the main role in these amusing magic lantern stories.
Part 3.
The Elephant's revenge: or, the new Jumbo in Africa.
Set of twelve slides made by Theobald & Co.
The images are based on the well know story 'Die Rache des Elephanten' by Wilhelm Busch (No 354 in the Münchener Bilderbogen Series).
1. A very sedate, quiet and good Elephant. 2. Squirting the water down his capacious throat. 3. A sharp stinging sensation in his side.
4. The elephant was filled with rage and indignation. 5. The wretched native shrieks with terror. 6. He feels himself dragged along at a tremendous pace.
7. Again and again does the elephant give the fellow a ducking. 8. The native finds himself lifted high in the air. 9. The force is tremendous, and completely knocks him over.
10. Having washed his victim, he is now hanging him up and dry.
11. He makes his way to a delightful cactus bush. 12. The elephant quickly trots away.
The Elephant and the Explorers.
A set of six square magic lantern slides made by York & Sons. The source of the images is the magazine Snap-shots.
The Naturalist: 'Run for your life, Professor! A 'must' elephant is coming' The Professor: 'We must climb the tree; that is our only hope' The Elephant: 'I've followed their spoor to the water. They are not in this old kraal.'
'Up the palm tree, I'll bet a cocoanut' 'Come down! it's not the right season for gathering dates, you old fossils' 'Just look at that,' cried the elephant, 'Well, the joke's on me this time'

A fishing adventure.
  Set of twelve square magic lantern slides made by Moody Bell, Cheltenham.

Adventures with wild beasts.
Set of twelve magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co., England.
1. An elephant party out in the jungle tiger hunting. 2. A somewhat curious picture of a shipwrecked tiger. 3. Wild Boar and Tiger Hunting in the Indian Jungle.
4. Attacked by an Elephant. 5. Tiger carrying off Wild Deer. 6. A bullock wagon has come upon the lair of a lion and his family.
7. A terrific fight between two rival lions. 8. A party of natives coming down the railway line with a trolly. 9. Horseman attacked by an Hippopotamus.
10. Hunting the Deer. 11. Tiger attacking a Bullock. 12. Natives attacked by a Boa Constrictor.

Brains will tell.
Set of twelve square magic lantern slides made by an unknown manufacturer.

Artist in the country.
A comic set of 6 slides from an unknown manufacturer. 8.2 x 8.2 cm.
1. 2. He selects his objects. 3.
4. He goes to get ..... 5. 6. Despair.

Single slipping slide. One label reads: PHOTOGRAPHIC COMIC SLIPPING SLIDE No 1. The smaller label reads: 1. Sick horse (Greatly in need of a drink). A trade mark on the fixed glass shows the name of the maker: W A W, and the number again.

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