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Part 3.
Small cinematograph Bing Werke.
It is evident that his cinematograph has been made as a toy for very young children. The light source is a small bicycle light bulb that is powered by a battery. Dimensions: 17.5 cm tall, the wooden base is 9 cm wide and 13 cm long.

On the bottom of the wooden basic an unclear stamp has been printed with the trademark of Bings Werke, a reclining B and W, and Made in Germany.

The film transport. A Maltheser Cross is located inside the lantern.
This photo shows the Malthezer Cross that takes care of the intermittent transport of the film, and a metal strip that is attached to the chimney cover on top of the lantern. On this strip are the socket for a small light bulb and the attachments for two wires that can be connected to a battery. There is no shutter present that interrupts the light beam during film transport.
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