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Part 3.
Small cinematograph Bing Werke.
It is evident that his cinematograph has been made as a toy for very young children. The light source is a small bicycle light bulb that is powered by a battery. Dimensions: 17.5 cm tall, the wooden base is 9 cm wide and 13 cm long.

On the bottom of the wooden basic an unclear stamp has been printed with the trademark of Bings Werke, a reclining B and W, and Made in Germany.

The film transport. A Maltheser Cross is located inside the lantern.
This photo shows the Malthezer Cross that takes care of the intermittent transport of the film, and a metal strip that is attached to the chimney cover on top of the lantern. On this strip are the socket for a small light bulb and the attachments for two wires that can be connected to a battery. There is no shutter present that interrupts the light beam during film transport.
Small 16 mm film projector with manual drive and battery lighting. The manufacturer is (probably) IVIK productions, made in England. On one of the side walls a transfer has been sticked with the brand. At the bottom of the foot is a room with a clamp for the flat 4.5 Volt battery. The wiring is partly external. In the foot there is also a metal rod whose function is not known to me. Height without reel and reel carrier 19 cm, width 7.5 cm and depth base 14 cm and above, with lens, 15 cm.
I bought the small projector without a box, but saw it on internet in a cardboard box, sold as a PEAK Cine Projector.
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