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Biunial and triunial magic lanterns
double mahogany and brass lanterns

Very attractive biunial magic lantern with brass optics and fittings. Height: 27" (68 cm), length: 21" (53 cm). Parts of original gas burner present. – Manufacturer probably Butchers. C. 1890.

Above: Beautiful biunial made by an unknown maker. A black velvet curtain at the back.
Right: Made by A J. Lancaster & Son. Mahogany body with lacquered brass fittings.
High quality mahogany and brass biunial magic lantern by Adie & Wedderburn, Edinburgh with its original limelight gas illuminants contained in the original wood case for transportation which doubled as the stand for shows. The famous firm of Adie & Sons was renamed Adie & Wedderburn in 1881. This firm was Scotland's paramount scientific instrument makers.



Biunial Magic lantern from W.C. Hughes. Measures 28" (71 cm) high x 22" (56 cm) deep x 12" (30.5 cm) wide. There is an eye-catching casted metal ornament below the optical system on the base.
Tyler biunial, made by the English lantern and slide manufacturer Walter Tyler, London, with its brass optics and fittings. Original gas burners. Roof black painted.
Superb mahogany and brass biunial. Manufacturer Walter Tyler, London, c. 1880. Original case. Original gas illuminants included.
A very special mahogany biunial with aluminium slide holders, lens mounts, and other parts. Black tinplate chimney, 6" lenses with adjustment, manual vertical dissolve, engraved 'Epidiascope’. Probably made by J. Wrench. Front with maker's engraving: "Watson & Sons 313 High Holborn London No. 879".  Lacquered, mahogany body and base, brass telescopic lens mounts and fittings, black iron chimney and top.

Provision for mounting an additional lantern on top; thus making it a triunial. Height 28" (71 cm).
Biunial made by J. Place, Birmingham, England, c. 1880.
Mahogany lamphouse with brass fittings and 2 brass lenses. Height 30 1/3" (77 cm).

Mahogany and brass biunial with side opening vented doors. Mahogany base with moulded edge, 25.5" (64.8 cm) high. No makers mark.
Mahogany and lacquered brass biunial magic lantern mounted with a plaque for W.A Merrick April 1895. 25.5" high (65 cm). Mahogany and brass biunial Magic Lantern with oxy-hydrogen limelight illuminants and a crank-operated curtain dissolve. Manufacturer A.J.H. Steward, 1880s.
This triunial magic lantern was used by C. Goodwin Norton, a well-known lantern entertainer of the 1890s. A ‘Noakes Triple’ mahogany and brass No. 3 Patent Triunial Magic Lantern, with three single-draw rack and pinion lenses, each with pivoting lens cap. Brass plates engraved 'The Noakes Triple, D. Noakes & Son, Makers, Greenwich, London' and 'Noakes’ Patent'.
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