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Part 1.

Sometimes we find on auction sites or other places photo's that reveal that the owner of the objects does not have the faintest idea what it is or how it should be used.
Probably the most common error when exhibiting magic lanterns is the wrong, i.e. upright instead of  upside down, positioning of the lantern slide.
And if we mess things up anyway then we put (third picture) the chimney also on all possible ways wrong on top of the lantern.


What shall we do with that strange glass part? Oh.... put it at the top. Yesssss, it fits.


Also the collections of museums contain sometimes strange items......
In a glass showcase of a Dutch museum this stereo viewer is exhibited. Oh dear, there is not a normal stereo photo in the card holder, but ............. a magic lantern slide!
About ten of these concave mirrors...... .... that were used to view postcards and photo's with a little bit of 3D effect..... .... are exhibited in this imitated barbershop......
.... of a Dutch Trade museum. 'The man who brought them in told me that his grandfather always used it when he had a shave, so we put it among the barber items.'     Well....!
A very strange chimney, but....... it yet can be stranger (photo 3).

Never seen such a strange lid on top of a lamp glass.
The oil lamp will not burn this way. Maybe this fits better?
Is it really so difficult to place that chimney in the right way?!
Puzzle picture. The advertiser says: It is in pretty good condition but is missing its chimney. I am not an expert with these so I am not sure if anything else is missing.
Solution: This is how it should be. Looking much better, isn't it?
Electro-Radiant Magic Lantern No.2, made by the World Manufacturing Co. and supplied by Peck and Snyder, 126 Nassaustreet, New York, 1900. Seize 43 cm high, 29 cm long. Left: as offered at Ebay; Right: as it should be.


'I just go on cracking that odd rod until it all fits in the box.'

The reels for the film of this cinematograph are mounted beside the film transport mechanism.

The chimney of this Hoffmann magic lantern seems to be designed to collect rain water. Or is it a coffee cup in which the coffee is kept hot for after the show?

And here the lamp glass complete with the wick holder is just placed upside down in the chimney.
Offered for sale on EBAY:
Here is a VICTORIAN Magic Lantern Slide. Or, I think that is what this is called. I guess the image is of Siamese twin weightlifters. I know NOTHING about this.

The seller is honest and is right: he really does not know anything about magic lantern slides.
Of course this is a single slipping magic lantern slide that is incomplete. It misses the slipping glass with black painted dots that alternately cover parts of the weightlifter when the glass is moved through the grooves in the frame.

A handy seller can easily make such a slipping glass himself. The result should be like the next image. Showing a single weightlifter and not a sporting Siamese twin.


Oooooow yes, I see. Of course.....  In the case of houses the main part of the chimney is also concealed inside the house after all.



Although this strange magic lantern is packed in a wooden box with a label from the manufacturer Jean Schoenner, it is actually composed of some parts of other lanterns and a few very strange parts (funnel ?, small tin bucket ?).


Offered on eBay...
An unusual subject but not much action, as operating the lever only moves the coal sack about a quarter of an inch!.... wrote the provider.

Special, but with little action...

The only thing he should have done was lift the lever over that one little screw.

Above: A magic lantern made by Ernst Plank that is quite 'looking inwardly'. The front part with the projection lens is mounted turned around on the wooden base.
Right: An eh .... flower vase as a lamp house, very special! The insert shows how this strange magic lantern should actually look like. A magic lantern by Max Dannhorn, Nuremberg. Brass upper and lower part. Middle part of red painted tin.  


This 'ANTIKE LATERNA MAGICA "ZAUBERLATERNE" AUS DEN 18. JARHUNDERT', offered at eBay uses a very special projection lens.
E.P. magic lantern with a very short projection lens. Has he been swimming in the ice-cold water for too long?

Right: Any idea what is the front and what is the backside?
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