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Magic Lanterns, out of the ordinary. part 2.

Demonstration Magic Lantern made by or sold by Philip Harris.
Black enamelled metal body with mahogany base and front. The base plate measures 22 inches long and 8 inches wide (56 x 20 cm).

 The front swings up and the mirror at front rises to support the front condenser lens and overhead lens with right angle mirror. This permits horizontal experiments to be laid flat on top of the condenser and be projected forward.

Can also be operated as a standard magic lantern for projecting 3.25 inch square slides by mounting the wooden accessory with slide holder in front of the condenser (photo above).
There is a Philip Harris name plate on front.
Demonstration Magic Lantern.

Precision Micro-Projector
made by Flatters & Garnett Ltd, Manchester, England.

An instrument for projecting micro glass slides onto the wall.
Special magic lantern provided with a prism on top of the lantern.

The beam of the light source can shine straight through the front of the projector in the normal way or can be deflected by a hinged mirror, go through an adjustable focus tube, be reflected internally by a prism and then go to the screen. The latter way is probably used to project a microscopic sample that is placed on the round glass on top of the lantern. The condenser at the front is removable; I suppose one of the openings has to be covered by a kind of lid when the other lens is in use.
The mahogany lamp house is covered with asbestos. Brand: unknown, dimensions: 54 cm long, 19 cm wide, up to 60 cm long.
AlDIS-ENSIGN Vertical Enlarger
for use with the Vest Pocket Ensign Camera.

Fixed Focus Models.

Brilliantly sharp enlargements can easily be made by anyone without previous experience with this enlarger.
The negative in film carrier is placed in the slot, the light switched on, the bromide paper or post card is then placed on the table and the exposure made.
Fitted for Electric Light or Gas (but without globe or mantle).
Model F1.-Enlarges a "Vest Pocket Ensign" negative to 5 1/2 by 3 1/2".
Supplementary Lens Outfits for making pictures half as large again with this Enlarger can be supplied. Also made in other sizes, particulars on application.

(manual Vest Pocket Ensign Camera)
Variable Focus Model.

A choice of eight different sizes of enlargement can be obtained with this enlarger and there is no actual focusing.
Fitted for Electric or Gas (without globe or mantle) so simple and perfect are the adjustments that the alteration from one size to another can easily be made in the dark.
Model V2.--Enlarges a "Vest Pocket Ensign " negative eight various sizes from about 4-3/4 by 3 up to and including 11 1/4 by 7 3/8.
Made also in larger sizes, particulars on application.

(manual Vest Pocket Ensign Camera)
Perhaps the odd one out, but still nice because of the glass advertising slides:
Cigar lighter used in tobacco shops, hotels, etc.
When plugged in it starts to blink on and off to attract buyers attention. It was not only used to advertise other local businesses but also to light your cigar once the switch lever is held down.

The main head is roughly 20.5 cm (8") in diameter and overall it is 33 cm (13") tall.


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