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Magic Lantern Catalogues


Front and back of the 1894 Catalogue of Stereopticons and Magic Lanterns from T. H. McAllister, manufacturing optician, 49 Nassau Street in New York. 256 pages of equipment listings, magic lantern slides listings, stereopticon listings, with exhaustive lists of views, everything from John Adams to Zoology, with stops along the way for 'Ten Nights in a Bar Room', and 'Secret Society Views'. Measures 8 1/4" by 5 1/4" (21 x 13 cm).


Published in October, 1906, this 84 page catalogue is filled with items including: New Universal Optical Lantern, Illuminators, New Universal College Automatic Arc Electric Light Lantern, New Universal with Incandescent Electric Light Illuminator, The Metropolitan Stereopticon, Triple Metropolitan Stereopticon, Nassau Optical Lantern, Nassau Dissolving Acetylene Stereopticon, Nassau Electric Light Lantern, New York Model Magic Lantern, Oxy Hydrogen Attachment, "Popular" Magic Lantern (slide projector), Welsbach Gas Burner, Acetylene Gas Attachment, Electric Arc lights, Microscope attachment, Oxygen and Hydrogen apparatus, Carriers for Single Lanterns, Carriers for Dissolving Apparatus or stereopticon, Edison "Universal" Projecting Kinetoscope Attachment, Edison's Exhibition Model Projecting Kinetoscope, Power's Cameragraph, Light Attachments and Parts for Moving Picture Machines, etc. 5.25" x 8.75" (13.5 x 22 cm) paper bound catalogue includes prices as well.


1899 Sciopticons and Stereopticons Catalogue from the McIntosh Battery & Optical Company, active from the 1880s until ca 1930 at 141 and 143 Warash Avenue, Chicago, Ills, USA. In later years the company was trading as McIntosh Stereopticon Company. The opened page shows a pair of exhibitor's Stereopticons for dissolving. (Price, per pair, with Dissolver, in a neat packing case, with lock and handles, suited for a stand when exhibiting, $ 120.00.) This model was also available as a single lantern.


Illustrated Magic Lantern Catalogue c.1900-1910.
This Australian catalogue of magic lanterns is 5.5 "x 8.5" (14 x 21.5 cm) and consists of 24 pages, filled with descriptions and illustrations of Optical and Dissolving View Lanterns, Apparatus and Slides. Produced by W.Watson & Sons, 78 Swanstonstreet, Melbourne, in the very early 20th century.

1931, 29 x 22.5cm, 76 pages

1928, 29 x 22.5 cm, 80 pages

1929, 29 x 22.5 cm, 80 pages

1930, 30 x 22 cm, 76 pages

1927, 29 x 22.5 cm, 64 pages.

1930NL, 30 x 22 cm, 16 pages, Dutch pocket edition from Giele's Groote Bazar, Hilversum, the Netherlands

Several Bing Toy Catalogues from the period 1927 - 1931.
(Images of Bing Catalogues are from http://www.swinkels-10.myweb.nl/index.htm)

Illustrated Catalogue of Stereopticons and Photographic Lantern Slides, c. 1894.

 Size approx. 6" x 9" (15 x 23 cm).
Lots of illustrations of the different lanterns that were available at A.T. Thompson's. Address: A.T. Thompson & Co., Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers, 13 Tremont row, Boston, Mass. USA.
Thirty-Second Annual Supplemental Catalogue of Photograhic Optical Lantern Slides, Lecture Slides &c. York & Son, London, 1901-1902.

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Rochester NY, Balopticons & Accessories Catalogue 1918. Measures 6 1/2" x 9 3/4" (16.5 x 24.5 cm); 128 pages.


BAUSCH AND LOMB OPTICAL CO. CATALOG, Rochester N.Y. U.S.A. The 1927 Catalog of Projecting Apparatus including Balopticons Projectors, Micro Projectors, Photographic Lenses and some unusual specialized projectors. The Catalogue contains 119 pages of b&w photographs of B&L projection equipment and text detailing equipment use and accessories available. Short introduction to the history of Magic Lantern Projectors. Sizes approx. 6" x 9" (15 x 23 cm).


French 1920 Projection Catalogue entitled: "CATALOGUE DE PROJECTION 1920 N57" from the manufacturer E. MAZO, 33, Bd. St. Martin , PARIS; 24 x 15,5 cm ( 10" x 6 "); 450 pages.

Three tables of content: 1. The Chapters table; 2. The "series" numerical table; 3. The views, countries & documents by alphabetic order. At the end of the book 14 advertising pages on E.MAZO new product apparatuses (phonographs, cameras, projectors)


PROJECTIONS APPARATE (Magic Lantern Catalogue); Size: 22.5 cm x 14.5 cm.
German catalogue on magic lanterns and accessories, lenses, illuminants, projection screens, reading lights, etc.
The catalogue has 61 pages and 86 images, depicting 29 different magic lanterns, lenses, different types of illuminants. (gaslight, etc.) and 21 illuminant accessories.
The catalogue is in the German language and was sold by G. Christiaensen jr. in Antwerp, Belgium. Early 20th century. No publication date.


Catalogue and Price list Stereopticons, Lantern Slides, Moving picture Machines from Moore, Bond & Co, Chicago. XXX Edition. No date in catalogue but back page shows a slide copyrighted 1907. 646 numbered pages. Measures about 13.5 x  19.5 cm.

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