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Magic Lantern Catalogues

Hall's Illustrated Catalogue of Magic Lanterns, Dissolving Lanterns and Stereopticons. Published by Thomas Hall Co., Boston: (no date), 130 pages.

Thirty-eight issue of Wood's Catalogue of slides, Optical Lanterns, Dissolving Views, Apparatus, published by E.G. Wood, Optician, London, dated April 1891, 124 pages.

Catalogue of the McIntosh Stereopticon Company, published in 1911, Chicago, IL. This is the 36th edition of the 'Catalogue of Magic Lanterns, Stereopticons, Projection Apparatus/ Lantern Slides and Accessories'.

The catalogue has paper covers, measures approx. 5 ¾” x 8 ½” (14.5 x 21.5 cm) and has 240 pages.


The catalogue has a lot of information concerning Projection: Optical Principles of the Projecting Lanterns; Light for Projection (Sunlight, Electric Arc Light, Lime Light, Alco-Lite, Acetylene Gas Light, Incandescent Light, Welsbach Gas Light, Oil Light); The Condensers; The Objective; The Lantern Body; The Screen.
There are many illustrations, descriptions and prices. Some of the models listed are: The Imperial Stereopticon with Lime Light and the same model with Electric Light; The Portable Stereopticon (see above); The Interchangeable Projector for Lantern Slides and Opaque Objects; The Heliopticon and the Electric Radiopticon (Post Card Projector).

There is also a large section “Unabridged Slide List Representing an Immense Stock on Scenery, Travel, Science, History, Biography, Literature, Music, Art, Religion Providing an Inexhaustible Fund of Instruction, Amusement and Profit". There is a complete Index at the back of the catalogue.

Wood's Catalogue of Lantern Slides. Sacred History, Biography, Art, Tales, etc.  Part 1. 96th edition.


Reproduction by The Photographic Collectors Society in 1980, of W.Butcher & Sons Camera House Price List 1914. Part XIV - Optical Projection Lanterns. 42 pages.


Catalogue Lantern Slides Newton & Co. Part I.

This is the Third Section of the Complete Catalogue of Lantern Slides (c. 1930)  published and manufactured by Newton & Co. Ltd, Lantern Slide Gallery, 48, Museum Street, London W.C.1, makers to the Admiralty, War Department, The Indian and Foreign Governments, The Board of Education, etc. The complete catalogue is issued in 10 sections (price 6d. each):

1. Health, comprising medical science, hygiene and social welfare. 2. Science; Astronomy, physics, chemistry &c. 3. Natural History, Agriculture and nature study. 4. Geology and physical geography. 5. Geography. 6. History. 7. Industries and manufacturers. 8. Architecture. 9. Art, literature and miscellaneous. 10. Scripture, lantern services, church history and missionary subjects.

W. F. Stanley Magic Lantern Catalogue 1890's.

A comprehensive catalogue of Magic Lanterns, Dissolving View Apparatus and Slides. 80 pages.

Cover shows Stanley's address as 13 Railway Approach, London Bridge S.E. The company was active at this address from 1890 onwards until the early 1900's.

Magic Lantern and Slide Catalogue 1888-89.
All the lanterns illustrated in this catalogue are made by the English lantern manufacturers John Wrench & Son. 204 pages. Stamp of Army & Navy Cooperative, Westminster on front.
A comprehensive catalogue of Magic, Dissolving View & Optical Lanterns, Lime Light Apparatus and Slides.


Catalogue of James Bamforth lantern slides.

1930 Catalogue published by the German Toy manufacturer J.Falk, Nuremberg. 56 pages.

1898 Magic Lantern/Stereopticon Catalogue issued by Rilley Brothers, New York. Seize 5 1/2" by 8" (14 x 20 cm); 32 pages. "Hire List of Magic Lanterns, Stereopticons Animated Picture Machines, Slides, and all accessories for Optical Lantern Work." The book gives a hire list with rental prices, lists of slides, and dissolving effects for single lanterns, 11 pages of lanterns with illustrations, accessories, window bills, and testimonials.

Catalogue 1893 Theo J. Harbach, Philadelphia, PA. More than 150 pages including great graphics.

Published by J.H. Thurston of Boston USA in 1902. The book measures 5" x 8 " and has 25 pages filled with lists and descriptions of thousands of lantern slides made by T.H. McAllister, New York.
Chas. Beseler Illustrated Catalogue No. 5. 76 pages, softcover.

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