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Magic Lantern Catalogues


Interesting T. H. McAllister's catalogue of Feb 1890.
This 112 page catalogue covers most aspects of the Magic Lantern, like dissolving views, life models, moving slides, stereopticons, oxy calcium, limelight etc.
The catalogue measures 9" x 6" (c. 23 x 15 cm).
Catalogue of Stereopticons, Dissolving View Apparatus, Magic Lanterns, and List of over 2000 Carefully Selected Views for the Illustration of Subjects of Popular Interest. For Sale by T. H. McAllister,.... Optician, 49 Nassau Street,... New York. ... 1866. Original illustrated brown paper printed wrappers. 9 by 5 7/8 inches (22.8 x 15 cm). 34 pages plus wrappers plus price list at front.


"Condensed list of Stereopticons & Lantern Slides" from Chas. M. Stebbins Picture Supply Co. Kansas City, Missouri. The catalogue measures 6 1/4 by 3 1/2 inches (16 by 9 cm) and contains 24 pages.


Another Chas. M. Stebbins Catalogue on Historical Lantern Slides.
List of Educational Lantern Slides From Nature, Selected from the Publication of G.W. Wilson & Co. Ld. Aberdeen (c. 1890s). This catalogue lists the glass magic lantern slides that were available from the English manufacturer George Washington Wilson.

This book was originally purchased from Archer & Sons - Liverpool, and has some of their stamps on it. The slides are listed by categories as follows: Aeolian Deposits, Definition - Stratification - False Bedding etc, Lacustine Deposits, Plateaux, Atmospheric or Sub aerial Denudation, Waves & Marine Erosion, Ice, Mountains, Rivers & Streams, Lakes, Local Oscillation of Land, Clouds.. British Association List, Trees - Plants & Shrubs, Studies from Life of Domestic Animals, Studies from Life of Wild Animals, Australian Birds, Historical Portraits and Maps.
Soft cover booklet, 5.5" x 8.25" (14 x 21 cm), 28 pages.

Amusement for Profit. 'This is Catalogue "A" and is devoted especially to Instruments, Outfits, Motion Picture Films, Lantern Slides and Supplies for the Travelling Exhibitor. Catalogue "B" is devoted exclusively to Instruments, Outfits and Supplies for the Motion Picture Theatre.' (title page). Included in this 534 page catalogue are projection supplies, parts for projectors, magic lanterns, instruments, outfits and supplies. Also included are slides and stereo-views that could be purchased at wholesale for retail distribution. History, New York City, Niagara Falls, Railway Trains, Religious, Sports, Naval, Battleships, Coney Island and Hawaii were just a small portion of what was available for sale. Measuring 4 " x 7 " (12 x 19 cm).
FARM AND HOME REWARD LIST 1910-11. An illustrated catalogue booklet of reward premiums earned by selling subscriptions to the periodical, including American Pocket Watches, Emblematic Pins & Buttons (GAR, Fraternal, etc), Fountain Pens, Stereo views & Stereoscope, Pocket Knives, Magic Lantern Outfit, Projecting Lanterns, Air Rifles, Shot Gun, Toy Dolls, Teddy Bears, etc. SB, 46 pp., 6 1/2" X 9 1/4" (16,5 x 23,5 cm), many illustrations throughout the booklet.
'Primus' Lanternist's Pocket Book 1898-9', edited by W. F. Butcher and published by Percy Lund. London,1898. 180 pages with many adverts for equipment and accessories. Also contains a diary and note part.

This catalogues contains 90 pages of slides for advertising in the movie theatres, that were available from the American U.S. Slide Co. There are over a thousand examples. C. 1920s.

New Catalogue for 1887-8. World Managing Co. New York. The company sold a lot of standard household articles, including magic lanterns.

An early (c. 1905-1907) moving pictures supply catalog from Chicago Projecting Co., including everything you need to start your own projecting entertainment company. 224 pages, 16.5 x 11.4 cm.


Steropticon Supplies. The cover page of this booklet reads, "Advanced Pages of our new Catalogue in Preparation of Stereopticons & Supplies. Showing new and up to date line of Stereopticons and Supplies which we are now handling in place of those advertised in our Catalogue of 1910. Also list of New Slides on Biblical Topic and Current Events."  It is the September, 1914 addition. It is very well illustrated with cameras and equipment, magic lanterns and equipment, cinematographs (early film projectors), phonographs, and supplies. Size is 6 1/4" x 4 1/2" (15.9 cm x 11.4 cm) with 11 pages.
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