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An early hand painted moving slide of a clown. Watch his eyes while he is watching you!. The slide is mounted in a 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm) hard wood frame. There is a remarkable resemblance with Whimsical Walker, the great English clown (left).

All the mechanical slides on this page are single slipping slides. Two glasses are mounted in a wood frame, one of which is fixed and the other one, the 'slipping glass', is free to move across it in a lateral direction. The action is produced by sliding the slipping glass in front of the other, thus alternately masking of one and then another part of the subject (that's what makes the elephant babe under here jump). The subject may also be represented partly on the fixed glass and partly on the slipping glass (that's how the eyes of the clown above can be moved to and fro).


Glass photographic slides of an early P. T. Barnum Circus Parade ("The Greatest Show on Earth"). 
Slides are 3 1/4" (8.2 cm) square; with cover glass.


All right now, that's enough technical know-how...

A live circus band, heavy on the brass, plays lively music, including traditional marches from John Phillip Sousa:
Tataratatatatada tada tatatataratatata tada......
(Use your imagination!)


Slide #5 from a set of twelve long glass slides made by Gebrüder Bing Nuremberg. The complete series comprise a rich assortment of objects and views such as: children's scenes, comical pictures, heads of animals, landscapes, sport pictures, fire brigade, ships, north pole scenes, the seasons, caricatures etc.
There are 7 different series of 12 slides. Serie I is given with the lanterns. This is serie VII.
A stamp at the cardboard box reads 'No. 7695 - 7' / 'Serie 10' '12 Stück'.


A hand painted single slipping magic lantern slide manufactured in England in the late 19th century.
  7" x 4" (18 cm x 10 cm).
Critics of the circus say that animals do not enjoy performing. What about our Elephant Juliet, having a great time with her babe Coco?

In come the clowns with their comic wrestling act.
4 square magic lantern slides with clowns.

With apparently effortless ease Mr Rastalli juggles the balls in the air.
Two h
and painted slipping slides, 17.5 x 10 cm.
While his stoic face does not show any emotion, our acrobat Heinz Sandwich Spread performs his sensational trick with the chairs.

        Our world-famous lion tamer Mr. Simson makes the lion jump through the hoop!!! Alas, it's their only trick. The story goes that the lion doesn't dare to put his head in Mr. Simson's mouth.
Hand painted nineteenth century English magic lantern slipping slide. 7" x 4" (18 cm x 10 cm).

Here are the clowns again with their sensational performing horse and geese act!!
Glass strip slides, decalcomania.
Their turns astonish all who watch them: Our two spectacular acrobatic performers, one balancing a huge ball on his feet, the other kicking a ball to the top of his nose.

Can you beat that?
This British slipping slides measure 7 by 4 inches. They are hand painted.


We proudly present Mr. Ricketts, the Equestrian Hero! While standing up on the back of his horse he will leap over a ribbon held no less than twelve feet from the ground!
Hand painted single slipping slide, England c.1890; 7" x 4" (18 cm x 10 cm).

.... and now a very dangerous jump over the horse.

Double slipping slide in a wooden frame.



Now our little circus doggy is jumping through the hoop.... Well done!

A nice 19th century hand painted English magic lantern slide with single slip mechanism. Sizes: 18 cm x 10 cm or 7" x 4".


No. 3 Der Jongleur (The Juggler).

Simple single slipping slide made by Ernst Plank (E.P.). One of their 24 'Bewegliche komische Verwandlungsbilder in Holzrahmen'.



Huh.... I can't believe my eyes. Is it really true what I see ??!!

Single slipping slide. It measures 18 cm x 10 cm or 7" x 4".

The Acrobats show their amazing tricks....
Slipping slide in a wooden frame.

The animals......

......... and much more artists show their tricks.

Clown Rolly and his performing animnals.
manufacturer Ernst Plank (E.P.), taf. X

It is PAUSE now !

After the pause.........
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