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Pencil sharpener.

Die cast metal pencil sharpener in the shape of a vintage Magic Lantern Projector. Lens moves in and out by means of a real rack and pinion focusing system and the handle turns around. Overall height approx. 3 1/2" (8,25 cm). Nice details.


Miniature magic lantern for a doll's house.

Reina Mab Miniaturas are made to scale 1:12 for already more than 30 years by a family in Argentina. In 1998 they opened their shop in the Belgrano quarter in Buenos Aires City.

They designed and made more than 600 miniatures in their workplaces. (source: reinamabminiaturas.com.ar)

Another cute miniature of a magic lantern for use in doll's houses. This one is made by the artist Ron Bufton and signed by him at the base. It has two 'Magic Lantern' stickers on the sides and is 1.5 inch tall.


This doll's house magic lantern is made by Nantasy Fantasy. It is a solid brass and enamelled piece with a removable brass disk which has 6 different 'views'. The lantern fits into a wooden presentation box. Inside on the door is room to hold other disks. One side of the box is transparent. The box is marked on the bottom and measures 1-5/8" tall, 1-1/4" long and 3/4" deep (c. 4 x 3 x 2 cm).


And yet another doll'shouse magic lantern, this one made by artisan Ellen Krucker Blauwer. This model of magic lantern could be a Lapierre design. In the slide area a piece of film negative can be placed.

The dollhouse lantern is signed on the bottom '(c) 1975 M.M.' (Miniature Mart)


Handcraft by Ken May. Victorian magic lantern with 'screen box' that has a small lamp inside that actually lights up.

The base is 3 1/2 inches long (c. 9 cm).

Bardwell's magic lantern and magic lantern slides. Handmade from wood and card board with applied detail. Measures 4.5 cm long, 2.0 cm wide, 3.2 cm tall. Complete with box of 10 'slides'. 



A small magic lantern made from a lager can, brass sheet, and a bead for the lens, made by Patty (last name unknown), an English woman with many hobbies, but one of her favourites is crafting and model making.


Miniature magic lantern.

A miniature magic lantern run as pendant of gilded bronze. The Lantern contains a mini photo camera (pinhole camera, sténopé). The jewel is 2 cm high. C. 1850.
Wooden doll's house lantern made by the Dutch Janneke Booy.

Miniature stereo viewer.


Amilia Zabaleta made this wonderful set of
earrings inspired by the magic lanterns manufactured by Jean Schoenner and others.
She also produces other jewellery sets with bracelets, necklaces and earrings based on magic lanterns and lantern slides.

As a young boy, the webmaster already gave performances for his friends with the Flipposcoop, which was published as an advertising item by De Betuwe jam (marmalade) from Tiel, the Netherlands. You got it as a cut-out and had to assemble it yourself. This simple cardboard theatre, in which paper films could be played, was sold for 15 cents at the time and now often yields a few hundred euro's.

With the above cut-out, a 1:12 version can be made for the dollhouse. Very nice!


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