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The (mostly) colourful labels on the boxes and cases in which the magic lanterns were sold.
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This colourful label decorates the cover of the cardboard box which contains a cinematograph, produced by the French/German toy maker Georg Carette, about 1900. At the bottom of the screen Carette's trade mark 'G. C. & Co'.

Size of the box: l: 37cm, w: 30cm, h: 14cm.
Label of the box of a magic lantern made in Germany by Max Dannhorn, Neuremberg.


Two different versions.
The box with this label on its lit contained the well-known 'Fabrik-lantern' made by Georg Carette. The trade mark shows an image of the Statue of Liberty. The texts on the label and the directions for use are in French, English and German.
This label was found on a cardboard card, possibly originally the cover of the box. The accompanying magic lantern is a simple, rectangular toy lantern, like the one on the label. It has a hinged door with a latch and has a curved corrugated chimney on the top.

Label stuck on the wooden case of an 'Astra' lantern, made by the German Gebrüder Bing Neurenberg (GBN). The trademark is one of the earliest Bing trademarks, showing the goddess Bavaria with a lion and the GBN-shield. The magic lantern 'Astra' is 'finely japanned red or black with petroleum lamp and 12 fine glass slides, well packed and practically arranged in elegant wooden box with flap doors.' (catalogue). This lantern does not resemble the lantern on the picture for it is a simple, barrel shaped model.

Label on the solid cardboard box of a German toy lantern, made by F.N.N. At the bottom of the picture is the text: 'Made in Bavaria'. The label shows a young boy with his Magic Lantern (pretty resembling the one inside) giving a magic lantern show. Left down on the picture there is the F.N.N-trade mark, a star shaped badge that has the initials F.N.N. in the centre and the Latin motto "OPUS CORONAT LABOREM" around the edge. At the bottom of the picture is a blank piece for the model number of the lantern.


This label resembles the label above but has some important differences: above the phrase "Made in Bavaria." the text "Magic Lantern" is printed in three languages, the initials "W & H. N." appear on the lower left corner, and the trade mark now has an oval emblem with a bird, wings outstretched, on a shield with the initials "F.N." (the second 'N' is absent here). Last but not least the boy uses another magic lantern.

The magic lantern in this cardboard box is a simple red bodied lantern on wooden base, probably made in Germany circa turn of the century. Manufacturer unknown.


Label on the lid of a cardboard box, containing a fine cinematograph made by the German manufacturer Leonard Müller. Trademark the entwined capitals L and M.

Right: Another L.M. label.


The flashlight magic lantern projector packed in this box is often called the 'Mickey Mouse projector' because it was sold with some sets of Mickey Mouse slides by Ensign Limited.

Trade name of the lantern is 'Columbus'; it was advertised as the 'Newest Magic Lantern'. Patents Cz24309 and DRGM932949.

The box measures ca. 6" x 4" x 3 1/2" (15 x 10 x 9 cm).
A special Mickey Mouse magic lantern set was made by special arrangement with Walt Disney, by Ensign Limited, London W.C.1, in the late 1930s.

It's a children's toy. Safe to play with because it's battery operated. Actually the body is an ordinary portable battery flashlight. An attachment transforms the torch into a magic lantern.

The complete set is stored in a cardboard box that measures approx. 11 inches by 9 inches by 3 inches deep (28 cm x 22.75 cm x 7.25 cm).


Lucky filmstrip projector from the 1950s.


The cardboard box with this label contains a small barrel shaped magic lantern like this one. Trade mark and manufacturer are unknown.

A label that is probably made for the wooden box of one special model magic lantern, the 'Conic Magic Lantern of the newest Construction'. The label shows the initials of the manufacturer, S.W. The full name is unknown. Possibly this is the only model magic lantern that this manufacturer has made.
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