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Een Wonderbaarlyke Tentoonstelling van Echte Tooverlantaarns en Andere Optische Vermaakelykheden

A Miraculous Exhibition of Real Magic Lanterns and Other Optical Public Amusements.

(When 'de Luikerwaal' was still very young!)

A Miraculous Exhibition of Real Magic Lanterns and Other Optical Public Amusements. That was the bombastic name of the exhibition in the Public Library of Huizen, the Netherlands, during September 1999. A bombastic name, after the fashion of the days that the magic lantern was a great source of entertainment and lanternists crossed the country to give their stunning performances on fairs and festivities.

Besides old magic lanterns also the first projectors were shown, like the Pathé Baby, suitable for 9.5 mm films and the first 8 mm projectors from Kodak. Furthermore various stereo viewers for three-dimensional photographs and slides, all kinds of light sources and modern optical toys.

In the library room visitors of the exhibition could consult the Luikerwaal-website at the computer.

Right: An explanation board and a business card with the first logo of 'de Luikerwaal'.

That was the first exhibition of the collection of 'de Luikerwaal'. After that one, several exhibitions followed, in libraries, community centres, nursing homes and other public buildings.
In addition, there were many Power Point presentations, in which was told about the history and use of the magic lantern. This included also a small magic lantern performance in which, among other things, it was revealed where the little children really came from.


'De Luikerwaal' currently has the status of a Virtual Museum. A virtual museum is a museum that only exists online and not as such in a physical form. A virtual museum is also regarded as a hypermuseum, electronic museum, online museum, digital museum or web museum. As with a traditional museum, a virtual museum has been developed to illuminate a number of specific objects. This is analogous to traditional natural history museums, archives and art museums.(description Wikipedia).

Because of the very large number of images of magic lanterns, lantern slides, related equipment, peripheral items and information, she deserves this name to the full. The fact that she has an appointment as 'Best Collectors Site on the Web' and has been archived by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek since 3 April 2014 as a digital heritage, can be seen as a quality characteristic.

On a somewhat more modest scale, 'de Luikerwaal' also has a physical form.
Currently, the physical museum includes over a hundred magic lanterns, a large number of stereo viewers, many magic lantern slides, old and modern optical toys, lithophanes, accessories and much more.

Regularly exhibitions and presentations take place in libraries, museums, community centres etc. We are looking for a suitable space where a permanent exhibition can be realized. Until this is found interested parties can view the many projects in a homely atmosphere. The webmaster/manager is always willing to tell, show and demonstrate everything about it. Please contact the webmaster for this:


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