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Comparatively modern.
Filmstrip projector Filmosto VB250.

A film strip projector with a number of striking features. The connection to the mains current is via a large adjustable resistor. The tension can be read on the voltmeter on the base board. A retractable shutter on top of the lamp house casts part of the light from the projection lamp onto the tabletop through a mirror so that the person giving a lecture can read the text in the dark. The film reels are made of bakelite; the support of the reels can be rotated so that both horizontal and vertical film strips can be displayed. There are interchangeable masks for the different image sizes. The film strip is pressed against the window by a circular glass plate. The whole is stored in a wooden case, dimensions 44 x 33 x 17 cm. The dimensions of the resistor are approx. 30 x 9 x 16 cm. The base board of the projector is 41 x 14 cm and the projector is 30 cm high. The projection lens is a Filmostar III, F = 75mm, from Hugo Meyer & Co.
Ernemann Unoptikon filmstrip lantern. Probably a successor of the Ernemann Unox.



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