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Drinking, gambling, smoking.
part 2.
It's clear that many people in those days smoking did not yet consider to be a 'bad habit'. With just one exception, adult smokers were usually portrayed as contented, happy people, fully enjoying themselves.

Smoking was for sturdy men. The brave soldier played the role of the advertisement cowboy nowadays.

For children however the cigar was no good. Sometimes they tried it on the sly, but always they got the punishment that they deserved: tummy-ache, sickness and diarrhoea.


A much better alternative: sniffing tobacco.

This single slipping slide in a wooden frame proves that also around 1900 tobacco and beer were not seen by everyone as stimulants, and that many people were bothered by their smoking and drinking fellow citizens.

Motto slide that was shown before a magic lantern show started.

Sometimes one picture can tell the whole story and this is such a picture. The class is smoking and in walks the teacher. The figures are startlingly well characterized: the boys who are sick, the baffled teacher, the experienced smoker and the rest of the gang.

Hand coloured magic lantern slide by DeWitt C. Wheeler, Inc. - Maker - 120 and 122 West 31st Street - New York. The slide has a label with the number 10 on the reverse side. Slide measures 4” x 3.25”.

This is a sing-along slide, but we don't know the name of the song that it illustrates.

Barometrical Readings.

According to this slide the position of a smokers cigar reveals a forecast of his mental condition.

Slide measures 3.25” square.

An Anti-Tobacco Magic Lantern Slide from the 1920s with a representation that would fit perfectly in the 2000s (image on the top of this page). Really a very special early Anti-Tobacco item!  
The glass is mounted in a 2 ¼” wide by 3” long compressed cardboard frame and features a Beach Boardwalk Scene. The slide reads “Victor Animatograph Co. Davenport, Iowa, USA” on the front and is marked as being “Slide No. 3642”.

Single slipping slide depicting a smoking monkey.

Motto-slide made by the Novelty Slide Company.

Slide measures 4” x 3.25” (10 x 8.2 cm).
A mahogany framed hand painted magic lantern slide that features a silhouette image of an old man and a small child walking in the snow. Both are smoking pipes.

The slide measures 6.75 inches (172 mm) x 3.75 inches (95 mm).


Don't get nailed in, boys.

The Grim Reaper nailing a man into a Coffin.
First time smoking....
Do you still remember how dirty that was?


The Juvenile Smokers.
A set of six slides made by York & Son, England, c. 1885.
1 Tom and Harry buy two cigars to smoke like men 2 Their Mother peeps over the wall and sees them 3 The Minister passes; they hide their cigars behind them
4 They light their cigars again 5 The smoke overpowers them. Tom is on the ground, and Harry leans against the wall 6 They sneak home, and are lectured for their folly

A set of two hand painted magic lantern slides in a wooden frame made by the American Optician T.H. McAllister, N.Y.

Two funny slides from McAllister's Economic Series. Slide measures approx 10 x 8 cm.

Nuisance of smoking on public places.
Slide in a cardboard frame, measuring 8.2 x 10 cm made by the Stereopticon Slide Co. Loma Linda. California. The slide is numbered T 830.
The Juvenile Smokers.

Set of six slides, number 3 is missing.

The manufacturer is Bamforth & Co. The slides are labelled in one corner: Comic Slides (Copyright).
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