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Drinking, gambling, smoking.
Part 3


Right: single slipping slide in a wooden frame, 18 x 10 cm.
Naughty boy steals his fathers cigars, feels very ill and is discovered by his sister!

These five British Life Model slides measure 3.25 inches square. The slides date from c. 1890s and are hand tinted.

A number of single slipping slides. They consist of a fixed glass with the image, and a sliding glass with black spots that in turn cover parts of the image.

A wonderful single slipping slide. When the movable glass is pulled the young man puffs out the smoke of a cigarette. Size is approx  18 x 10 cm.


A warning slide made by the Pacific Stereopticon Co. Los Angeles, measuring 8.3 x 10 cm.

To High Achievement.
In their effect they are
Ambition destroying
Brain dulling
Nerve deadening
Vitality sapping.
Doing him a good turn.
The Amateur Photographer. A short series of magic lantern slides using pictures from the magazine 'Scraps' that appeared from 1 September 1883 until 30 April 1910. The manufacturer is York & Son.
Pursuit of Art under Difficulties.

A set of four square magic lantern slides, maker unknown.
1. A study from Nature. A choice spot.

2. The artist is tormented with flies and cannot got rid of them.
Though even the de  worst habits sometimes come in handy....

It's always better to

3. Driven to desperation, she must either retreat of find a remedy.

4. Smoking she has heard to be effectual - so she calls her coachman.

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