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part 2.
Exchange, no Robbery.
Set of three square magic lantern slides, manufacturer unknown.
The Photographer's Cat.

The conceited customer takes all the time to look at the photo as attractive as possible. Nothing wrong with his imposing uniform, both front and back? Does his moustache look impressive enough? Then he just has to stand motionless....

The photographer focuses the camera .... counts down .... warns that it is going to happen .... and then ....
The photographer's cat attracts the customer's attention. The customer moves.

Photo failed!

A series of seven magic lantern slides from an unknown manufacturer. In the bottom left corner is a round label stuck with the name of the seller: W.A.C. Smith, optician in Glasgow.
An old man thinks to kill a snake with his walking stick but soon discovers he has made a mistake.
Left:  One slide of a large set (probably 26) of Children's Illustrated Alphabet magic lantern slides.
H for the House-dog......

Pussy's Road to Ruin,
or Do as You are Bid

Some popular magic lantern sets based on the Children's book from Madame de Chatelain (c. 1845).




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