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Countries, places, and people.  Part 2.
Old London and our ancestors.
Set of twelve square magic lantern slides published by Theobald & Co., London, c. 1893.

Texts from J. Theobald and Company's extra special illustrated catalogue of magic lanterns, slides and apparatus.
1. Old London Bridge, showing the wooden houses that were built across the bridge. 2. Fight between Alsatians and Templars in Blackfriars. 3. The Mail Coaches starting from the Swan with two necks.
4. The Frost Fair on the Thames when the Thames was frozen over and a Fair was held thereon. 5. The Pillory and Stocks in London streets. 6. Temple Bar.
7. The Burning of Newgate during the Riots. 8. The Link Boys of Old London and the Old Charlie Watchman. 9. Old Cheapside.
10. Execution Place, Smithfield. 11. Marriage in the Fleet. 12. A Coach stopped by Highwaymen on Blackheath.

Views of London

The English manufacturer Theobald & Co released several sets magic lantern slides about London. Some of these sets also appeared in two versions. It is therefore not clear which set this concerns.
    Gog and Magog, Guildhall
The Mansion House House of Lords, interior Crystal Palace
The Royal Exchange Westminster Abbey Trafalgar Square
Tower of London St Paul's Cathedral House of Parliament

Old London.
A set of (at least) 41 square magic lantern slides made by Wrench & Son, England, c. 1889. Size 8,2 x 8,2 cm.
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1. A North View of Old London. 2. The Village of Charing. 3. Whitehall.
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4. River, front of Hungerford Market. 5. Old Westminster Abbey and Hall. 6. Westminster Hall, first day of Term.
7. St Margaret's Church, Westminster. 8. Old Palace Yard. 9. Conflagration of the Houses of Parliament.
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10. The Thames, from Old Westminster Bridge. 11. Interior of the House of Commons, time of George II. 12. Frost Fair, on the Thames.
13. St Thomas's Hospital. 14. Sadler's Wells Theatre. 15. The Angel Inn, Islington.
16. The Charterhouse -- Cloisters. 17. Newgate, as it formerly stood. 18. Monastery of Grey Friars, Newgate Street.
No image available. 
19. St Bride's Church, Fleet Street. 20. Old Somerset House. 21. Old Smithfield.
22. Latimer Preaching before King Edward VI. 23. Old St Paul's. 24. Old St Paul's Cross.
25. Cheapside in 1606. 26. Cheapside Cross. 27. Old Royal Exchange.
No image available.  No image available. 
28. Interior of the Old Royal Exchange. 29. East India House. 30. London Wall, after the Fire.
31. Tower of London in the 16th Century. 32. Traitor Gate, Tower of London. 33. Custom House, time of Elizabeth.
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34. London Bridge, in 1616. 35. A general View of London before the Great Fire. 36. The Great Fire, as seen from an Arch of Old London Bridge.
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37. The Monument. 38. General View of London on Fire. 39. Ranelagh Gardens, in 1759.
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All slides are labelled with title of the set and a serial number.

40. Greenwich Hospital. 41. Lambeth Palace.

The Channel Islands.

A lot of hand-coloured magic lantern slides made by William Charles Hughes, c. 1900.
Size: 8 x 8 cm, hand-coloured photographic views of the Channel Islands, with copper coloured paper frames and maker's label "W.C. Hughes, Brewster House, 82 Mortimer Rd., Kingsland Road, London, N.".

Rule Britannia.
Slide set made by Riley Brothers, 7 slides, c. 1897.
1. When Britain first. 2. (Ch.) Britons never shall be slaves.
3. The dread and envy of them all. 4. Serves but to root thy native oak.
5. Thee, haughty tyrants ne'er shall tame. 6. Thy cities shall with commerce shine.
7. Blest Isle! With matchless beauty crown'd. This slide is not part of this set, but has been added to it.
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