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Contemporary Light Theatre using magic lanterns and live music.

This page shows only images of earlier appearances of Lichtbende. They only serve to give you an impression of their performances. For the current program, please refer to the group's website: www.lichtbende.nl.
From the fascination of the surprising pictures and stories that children produce when working with projections and expressive theatre, Lichtbende (originating from Musiscoop and Projectieproject) was formed.

They have been working with the phenomenon of light and shade over the last fifteen years, with live music and projection being central to their shows, which captivates children as well as adults.

With KlikKlak and Poufff, Lichtbende performs a contemporary, experimental magic lantern show. The projections and music are specially made for each performance and are played live.

Klikklak is visual and musical theatre presenting light projections on a large screen.
Small creatures balance on plastic bottles, water is streaming from the bottles, a play between the waves and animals starts. The bottles change into fish, octopuses and jellyfishes. The light source becomes a singing eye, a spotlight in which figures made out wire and buttons dance or a moon in which butterflies disappear into…

Poufff is an exciting performance for all ages, from 4 to 104 years.
The story begins with the sun rising, followed by a breathtaking, exciting, poetic and funny, airlight journey ending with a deep sigh.

Air streams are projected onto a large screen, while music breathes life into the characters and outlines their emotions. The performers are in full view so you can see how everything, including the music, is created.
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Marie Raemakers & Rob Logister
06 12474941

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