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part 3.
A new lampshade for which a suitable, matching foot had to be found by the collector. Titles and manufacturers' name and number are: 1. Das verirrte Kind (Plaue #54), 2. Yupy. yupy (Plaue #127), 3. Die Wartburg (Plaue #24), 4. Stolzenfelz (Plaue #8), 5. Mädchen vor dem Spiegel (Plaue #97).
The image on the lithophane with the children playing hide and seek also appears on the lampshade at the bottom of the previous page.
Window hanger with a large lithophane (approx. 24 x 19.5 cm) in stained glass with an edge of cobalt blue Bohemian glass. Meissen #94 from around 1850.
After a painting by Rafael. Shown are (left) the holy Sixtus, with his papal tiara on the ground, the Madonna with the Christ Child on her arm in the middle, and St. Barbara. At the bottom two putti, as a symbol of innocence.
Large round lithophane (20.5 cm in diameter). Meissen #65. After the painting 'Madonna della Seggiola' by Rafael, made in 1513-1514.
This beautiful lithophane depicts a seated Madonna with the Christ Child on her lap and to the right a young John the Baptist. John holds a staff of the cross, perhaps as a reference to the later crucifixion of Christ.

Large lithophane 31 cm high and 17 cm wide, towards the middle part of a triptych by Peter Paul Rubens in front of the altar of the 'Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal' in Antwerp (anno 1611). KPM 259.

On this lithophane the eight people who take Christ from the cross are depicted: Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, John, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleofas and two helpers.

A beautiful lithophane (Schierholz-Plaue #182) of Christ in the Garden of Olives (Christ am Oelberg) who is comforted by an angel, while another angel holds the chalice to him.

Posted in a neo-gothic standard made of Berliner Eissenguss.

The bottom of this porcelain beer mug contains a lithophane of a horseman on horseback. Later did the collector discover that the entire beer mug, illuminated here from the inside, was actually a lithophane.

'Der Sturm', after an oil painting by Pierre A. Cot. Window hanger, set in stained glass. 'Die Unschuld', made by the Schierholz porcelain factory at Plaue. Period 1870-1875. Marked PPM 318. Sitting woman looking at bird in a cage. 
Superb lamp with six lithophanes in the shade.

Sometimes you're lucky and you find two beautiful lithophanes waiting for you in a thrift store somewhere. For a bargain.
A little girl in her bed says a bedtime prayer: Lieber Gott mach mich fromm, dass ich in den Himmel komm. Lithophane approx. 11 x 13 cm, marked PPM 381, manufacturer Prensaich Porzellan Manufaktur in Plaue.
After a painting by Johann Georg Meyer, 'Betendes Mädchen'.
Man playing the violin. Lithophane approx. 11 x 13 cm, marked HPM 41, manufacturer Hennebergsche Porzellan Manufaktur Gotha, Thuringa.
After a painting by Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich (pet name Dietrichy) 'Der Wandermusikant'.
Finally ..... what can you do with a single lithophane? With some tinkering you can transfer it to a nice mood light.



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