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part 2.
Louis J. Hart is a passionated collector of Lithophans. He himself writes about this: 'My mother used to have a beautiful red and copper tea light with a tapered porcelain ring in it, in which the most beautiful landscapes appeared when the burner (petroleum) was lit. I found it fascinating and was as happy as a child when I could brush the copper again. Then the tealight was extra beautiful!' He never forgot that tea light. He now has not only tealights, but also lampshades, stained glass window-lights and candle screens in his collection, all with the most fascinating lithophans in which romantic landscapes, idyllic couples, children with puppies and a few Biblical performances can be seen.

Lithophanes and magic lantern slides have a lot in common. They are both transparent and only come into their own when they are held up to the light. They are both of an engaging simplicity and date from the time when children (and adults) could still be entertained with something as simple as a projected picture on the wall or a surprisingly illuminated image in a tea light.

On this page a part of his comprehensive collection:
Window hanger with three small lithophanes. Girl with dog, couple in love and 'the reprimand' (the youth still had awe for the policeman !) mounted in stained glass.

Above a copper tea light with a conical lithophane and on the right a chrome-plated light with four rectangular landscape lithophanes.
Round chrome-plated tea light with petroleum burner. Inside four bent landscape lithophanes, all hand coloured.
Fruit-eating begging children. Window hanger on small chains. Probably St Benedictus. Window hanger on small chains.

'Der Sturm', after an oil painting by Pierre A. Cot. Window hanger, set in stained glass.

The image on this lithophane can also be found on the lamp below .....

Funnel-shaped lithophane with children and pets playing, placed on top of a hanging oil lamp.

The beautiful lithophane above is also depicted on the hood of this lamp. This lithophane is mentioned in the standard work of Kh.W. Steckelings, 'Leuchtender Stein, Die Geschichte der Lithophanie vom 18. bis ins 20. Jahrhundert'. It is entitled there 'Der kleine Photograph'.


Left: A beautiful table lamp with a bronze base and a lampshade consisting of six trapezoid lithophans.
Above: An equally beautiful hanging lamp with a globe of lithophans.

Another beautiful lamp with trapezoid lithophanes of a girl in an autumn landscape, a barge, a river landscape, a view of Heidelberg (?), two children who take care of a kid, and a mother with a child in front of the mirror.
Large lithophane of a woman who writes a letter, in a photo frame with a glass back.
This lithophane is called 'Das Kartenhaus'. An almost touching scene! In the background an old spinning wheel.
Smaller lithophane of a boy playing with his dog, in a photo frame with glass back.
Bronze standard with height-adjustable candleholder and an equally adjustable screen. It holds a large lithophane (18.5 x 15 cm) from PPM nr 551, called 'Mädchen am Brunnen'.
Wooden Biedermeier candlestand with a frame of Berlin iron. It holds a lithophane from PPM, number 557, named 'Rachel und Jacob'. Frame with candleholder, made from Berlin iron. In it an unmarked lithophane of a child with a lamb. Presumably the young Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

Left: Standard with lithophane 'Der Krieg'. The child with the toy sabre is really a boy. He took the doll from the girl.
Above: The pendant of the previous image. The reconciliation .... "Die Versöhnung".
The last lithophane also has a pendant, but it is not in the collection yet. She comes from the factory of KPM and is entitled 'Ein Mädchen mocking'. The unknown pendant is called 'Der verliebte Alte'. A fantasy stimulating combination ......



Finally ..... what can you do with a single lithophane? With some tinkering you can transfer it to a nice mood light.

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