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Part 2.
Victor 'Featherweight' slides.

The Victor Animatograph Corporation was a manufacturer of projection equipment founded in 1910 in Davenport, Iowa U.S.A. by Swedish-born American inventor Alexander F. Victor. The company was a large producer of lantern slides using their "Featherweight" method: a single pane of glass with a shellac on the opposite side that protects the image, and prevents scratching. Featherweight slides are framed by a cardboard mat giving them the dimensions of 3 x 4 inch (8 x 10 cm).
The slides are notably thinner than most lantern slides of the era, and as a result more fragile and uncommon than those of competing makers. The Featherweight slides were less expensive but produced a high quality image.
These are some representative slides from a large set slides for Masonic rituals.
Three square Masonic Knights Templar magic lantern slides labelled: The Pilgrim - Masonic K.T., The Knight - Masonic K.T., and The Penitent - Masonic K.T.

And now something quite different......

How Jones became a Mason.

Nine beautiful magic lantern slides from a series of twelve offering a bit of a comic but unreal view of a gentleman who wants to become a Mason and has to submit to the initiatory rituals involved with the Order. The slides are drawn by the famous artist Joseph Boggs Beale and are published by T.H. McAllister from 49 Nassau St. Brooklyn New York. Dated to the late 1800s.
1. 2. At the Lodge entrance.
3. Preparing to take degree. 4. The Oath of Secrecy.
5. Riding the Goat. 6. Climbing the greased pole.
7. Tossed in a blanket. 8. Running the gauntlet.
9. 10. Sitting on a hot gidrilon.
11. 12.
The slides are part of the Economic Series and measure 4" x 3 1/4" (c. 10 x 8 cm). The set has also been published in a black and white version.
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