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Trade marks

Magic lanterns made by Bing are characterised, and mostly easily identified, by their trade marks,  which were applied by means of transfers or embossed, either directly on the tinplate of the lantern or stamped on a separate badge-like metal plate affixed to the lantern.

1890s-1906. The goddess Bavaria with a shield with the initials G.B.N. in several forms.

1906-1923. Diamond with the initials G.B.N. with radial lines in several forms,  sometimes with the addition 'Bavaria'.

Occasionally, to 1932, -34. A logo of a horizontal B over a broad W (for Bing Werke)
magic lantern Bing Pharus

Model 'Pharus'. This Magic Lantern has the GBN diamond trademark and the patent D.R.G.M. mark impressed on the back. The back hinges up to make the lamp house accessible. The base measures 6 x 4 inches (15 x 10 cm) and the lantern stands 8 inches (20 cm) high to the top of the chimney. The remarkable top of the chimney differs from the common ones.

magic lantern Bing Pharus wooden base
A slightly different version of the 'Pharus' model, mounted on a wooden base. Obtainable in five sizes. C. 1910.


Although this small magic lantern is not marked, it is likely that the lantern was made by Bing. The claw feet and further design indicate this. Manufacturers are known to sometimes release lanterns without their brand.
magic lantern Bing long chimney magic lantern Bing in box
This magic lantern is about 46 cm high and 28 cm wide and 11 cm deep and is stored in its original wood case (32 x 28 x 16 cm). The instructions are in German, English and French.

3200/11 Superfine Sciopticon 'Minerva'. Polished Russian Ironwith fine brass objective with achromatic front lens with cog wheel. Condensor 4 1/8" in diameter, with intensifying petroleum lamp (duplex burner).  (Bing catalogues 1906)
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