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The French family Lapierre was a family of magic lantern, slide and cinematograph manufacturers.

Auguste Lapierre set up a small-scale metal workshop in Paris in 1848, specialising in toy lanterns.

After the retirement of his father, Edouard Virgile Lapierre launched new designs of lanterns. He took over control of his rival Aubert and moved his workshops into the former Aubert premises.

In 1902 the company was transformed into Lapierre Frères et Cie, a partnership between Edouard and his two sons Maurice and René Lapierre. However the sons were less successful than their father and were obliged to amalgamate with the photographic manufacturer Jules Demaria in 1908.

Isidore Demaria opened a photographic shop in Paris in 1858. His son Jules later became a partner with the formation of the company Demaria et Fils. In 1908 The Demaria and Lapierre companies were amalgamated to form the Société Anonyme des Etablissements Demaria Lapierre which was probably more a takeover of the Lapierre company by Demaria because the toy lanterns made by Lapierre were no longer fashionable while Demaria successfully produced professional film projectors, toy cinematographs, and projection lanterns for lecturers.


This cinematograph was made after 1908 by the limited company Société Anonyme des Etablissements Demaria - Lapierre, when the two Lapierre brothers were obliged to amalgamate with the photographic manufacturer Jules Demaria.
Size of the lantern 23 cm, total height 27 cm, base 20,2 x 12,7 cm.

Advertisement c. 1908 Demaria-Lapierre.

A black version of this cinematograph with the accompanying storage box. The inscription 'Cinematographe' is printed on the chest.
This magic lantern is mounted on a wooden floorboard with four small holders for attaching the accompanying metal cap to the board. The lantern can then be easily transported by the wooden handle at the top of the cap. The dimensions of the floorboard are 51 x 17.5 cm; the dimensions of the lantern are approximately 47 cm long, 13.5 cm wide and 17 cm high.

The Demaria-Lapierre (DL) trademark has been applied on both sides of the lantern.
When the back piece with the lamp holder is removed, we see that there is a metal inner wall inside the lantern. A thin layer of asbestos is applied between the inner and outer wall.
A somewhat different version of this lantern, with a recess in the floorboard for the lamp holder and a reflector in the rear wall. This lantern has no metal inner wall and no intermediate layer of asbestos.

Model 'Congrès'. This large magic lantern would, according to the advertisement, 'répondre à tous les besoins courants de projectionnistes et des confèrenciers, be an adopted dance tous les millieux universitaires.'
Very large magic lantern with the dimensions 65 x 25.5 x 51 cm (with the bellows retracted). Made from wood, brass and metal plate.

The Demaria-Lapierre trademark has been affixed to the wooden front.

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