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Avanti magic lantern with electric lighting.

'Avanti' is the Italian word for 'Come along!' The black-painted metal lantern has a beautiful matching wooden storage box with metal mounting, a wooden slide changer and various wooden frames for different sizes of magic lantern slides. The lantern is clearly designed for electric lighting, because it does not have room for a chimney in the roof, but only ventilation slots. Both side walls have round openings for ventilation.

The lamp housing can be slid off the base, after which the lamp can be reached and replaced. The lamp is from Philips, 220 volts. There is also a reflector behind the lamp. The projection lens is from Ed Liesegang, Düsseldorf, Leuko Anastigmat F - 18 cm.

The dimensions of the lantern are about 50 cm long, 17 cm wide and 22 cm high when the lens is retracted.

Country of origin unknown.


Rare embossed tin magic lantern (c. 1860), made of unpainted tin with beautiful embossed figures on two sides: a cavalryman on horseback at the hinged door and a leaping deer at the other side.
The dimensions are: length, (lens to handle) 8 inches (20.3 cm), width 2.25 inches (5.7 cm), height 4.5 inches (11.5 cm); slide carrier size 2 inches (5 cm) in height.

There is no chimney. The smoke hole has a small button like little lid. The lantern has a retractable handle at the rear. The top of the lantern is decorated by embossed letters “K II” , a squirrel, and four rosettes in the corners.

Mahogany and brass magic lantern, late 19th century. Manufacturer unknown. The lantern contains a triple wick burner, with individual wick controls and a brass-capped fuel storage container. It measures approx. 46 x 20 x 33 cm (18" x 8" x 13"). It has a 4" condenser and a large brass bound projection lens with a rack and pinion focus (which operates smoothly). In the hinged side door is a dark blue glass mounted, through which the flame could be seen.

  magic lantern

magic lantern art nouveau design   magic lantern art nouveau design beautiful magic lantern manufacturer unknown
French unmarked spherical brass magic lantern in a very special Art Nouveau design. Height 13" (33 cm).
Unmarked, very dainty magic lantern for slides up to 1.5", brass body, brass lens, painted tin foot with burner. Maybe made by Ernst Plank, 1895.
magic lantern rusted

This magic lantern dates around 1900 and it measures a length of 17.25 inches, width  of 5.25 inches and with original chimney in place it is just over 12 inches high.

The front section consists of a slide holder which is a sprung loaded brass slide holding mechanism. The lens at the front is held in a brass tube and has a focussing knob and fine engineered cover.

Germany 1888, manufacturer unknown. The body is made of red painted tin and was also available in blue. On both sides decorated with a brass sun ornament. Sizes: 15 x 8.5 x 33 cm.
magic lantern round body   large magic lantern

Large magic lantern without makers mark.

small red magic lantern    parts of a small magic lantern    magic lantern small red

Small magic lantern. Red enamel with gold pin stripes. The tin body of the lantern is placed on a wooden base measuring 7 x 4.5". It has a wire clasp to secure the top to the base. The internal chimney seats over a small oil lamp. No markings. are on the lantern. Overall height is 11.5 inches.

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