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              magic lantern William Humemagic lantern mahogany Hume
A great Scottish, Victorian mahogany magic lantern made by William Hume, scientific instrument maker, Edinburgh. Measuring approximately 24 x 24 inches. Small white plate with makers marks on top of the wooden middle part.


magic lantern Fontayne detail magic lantern Fontayne
Rare black painted tin magic lantern with fine gold decoration. The lantern measures 17" tall by 12" long (43 x 30.5 cm) and has a gold painted label at the front that says “Patented by C. Fontayne, August 24, 1875”. The ball feet are made from zinc and have lost now their original black paint. A small round door at the side of the base can be opened to adjust the lamp.

First Danish slide projector by Kongsbak & Cohn, Copenhagen (Nygade 2).

Guess who made this remarkable magic lantern. The name of the Austrian manufacturer Carl Müller is obvious present. The lantern has no chimney on the roof.
This type of Torpedo magic lantern is in most cases provided with a small brand plaque from the Haarlem company in photo articles Zwartser. In addition, they always have a trade mark with the intertwined initials M, D and W on the body. It is not clear where these letters stand for. Is Zwartser the manufacturer and is the lantern in consequence made in Holland, or is this company only the importer?


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