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This model was was made by Elie Xavier Mazo in Paris and was called the "Hélios", c. 1900.

The lantern measures 19 inches (48 cm) long when fully retracted and about 24 inches (61 cm) when fully extended. It is 5½ inches (14 cm) wide and 12 inches (30.5 cm) high at the highest point.

The wooden box in which it is stored measures ca. 48 cm x 20 cm x 31.5 cm

This unusual magic lantern is a product of Molteni, a famous French family of lantern, slide and optical equipment makers. It dates circa 1870 and the size is 33 cm x 43 cm.

In 1782 B. Molteno (mind the O at the end!), an Italian in origin, opened a shop in Paris to deal in optical instruments. Later on his sons François and Pierre Marie Joseph Molteni (now written with an I at the end) took over the business. Under the direction of François Marie Alfred Molteni (the great-grandson of the original Molteno) the Molteni company became the most famous projection equipment manufacturer in France.


French magic lantern from the 1870s, made by Leroy, Paris. Its dimensions are 45 x 27 x 17 cm.

A little metal plate on the front body reads: " Maison fondée en 1858, J. LEROY FILS, opticien, 58 Faubourg Poissonnière, PARIS".

This early French magic lantern is marked 'PATRONAGE Ste - Foy, DE MORLAAS', on the front brass label; the lens is marked 'Bonne Presse - Paris' on the lens cap. The lantern measures 20 x 6 x 12 inches (51 x 15.5 x 30.5 cm) and is made of heavy enamelled tin and brass.


A model GNOME brass and metal magic lantern made by Ph. Tiranty Constr, Paris. This beauty is 18" (45.5 cm) long and 7.5" (19 cm) tall.

The manufacturer of this beautiful lantern is H. Coulon (Construteur) Paris, France.
magic lantern optical lens
'Lanterne Universelle' made by Clement & Gilmer, a French constructor of magic lanterns which took over the Maison Laverne in the 1890s. The trade mark 'C & G P' is engraved in the hinged rear door. The base of the lantern measures c. 36 x 13.5 cm and it's 26 cm tall. The brass optical system has a rack-and-pinion mechanism for focusing.
It has a build in three-wick oil illuminant and an extending chimney in three parts. Slides are placed in the simple wooden duplex slide carrier. The cardboard box contains a set of black and white slides on the Amsterdamse Diergaarde (Amsterdam Zoo).

Lanterne Simplifiée 'Taxisol' made by l'ingenieur Dellemann from Paris, who is best known for an alcohol burner that produced a bright light. Dillemann made three models magic lanterns and this was the smallest.
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