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William Charles Hughes was an English optician and magic lantern and film equipment manufacturer in London from c. 1870. He took out numerous patents for new designs, castings for lamphouses, slide carriers, shutters and adjustment apparatus. The company issued several large catalogues and survived into the 20th century.

Methamorphoser. Lantern with a special slide changing mechanism. This system was introduced in 1888 by W.C. Hughes, though similar designs had been described in Germany some years earlier. Overall the measurements are 42 x 28 x 14 cm (16 1/2" x 11" x 5 1/2"). The brass lever operates the slide mechanism. By means of a vertically moving double stage slides could be shown in succession without an interval between. There is the patent No. 15440 on the brass name plate on the front of the magic lantern, and also the patent No. 2459 on the burner assembly. The lens is marked "Nicholas Power CO. New York".

Besides this Russian iron model also mahogany body and japanned tin models were available.

The brass hasps on the front and back were used to attach the lantern to the outside of the case, using the case as a table. For this purpose two brass thumb screws were included.



A quite different version of the Metamorphoser. Not sure if this one is made by Hughes too, or perhaps by another manufacturer.
The burner unit inside this magic lantern is stamped 'W.C.Hughes & Co. Brewster House. 82 Mortimer Road, London', which makes it reasonable that the lantern itself is also made by Hughes.

An attractive tinplate and brass magic lantern by William Charles Hughes of London. The lantern is approximately 43 cm long x 41 cm high (17" x 16").

Photo's: www.cool-antiques.co.uk.


Superb magic lantern with fine mahogany body, brass-bound lens with rack and pinion focus system, Russian iron cowl, allowing heat to be released from the limelight or electric arc illuminant while preventing excessive light spillage, blue glass window in doors and the maker's plaque with the text-W.C.Hughes, Opitcian, Brewster House, 82 Mortimer Rd, Kingsland Rd, London, N. above one of the doors.


Superb W.C. Hughes Magic Lantern.

This is an unusual magic lantern in that the chimney is not detachable. A very low profile chimney is built onto the lantern.



Beautiful mahogany, japanned metal and brass magic lantern made by Hughes.
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