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Magic Lantern I.C.A.
c. 1920.

This striking magic lantern was made by the ICA AG - Internationale Camera Aktiengesellschaft -, a German manufacturer of cameras and projectors. The company was founded in 1909 in Dresden and merged into Zeiss Ikon in 1926.
A special property of this beautiful magic lantern is that it is equipped with two electric light sources. The body of the lantern contains an electric filament bulb as well as a carbon arc lamp. When the carbon arc lighting is in use the bulb must be removed from its socket.
Above the carbon arc lighting and beside it the bulb in its porcelain socket. It's clear to see that the bulb must be removed to give room to the two carbon electrodes that stab through an asbestos opening.

By turning the knob at the rear the two carbon electrodes move to the front and at the same time towards each other.
The room for the carbon arc lighting is behind a hinging door in which the Ica trade mark is pressed. A hinging door with a small dark coloured pane hides the electric bulb.

The chimney can be turned around 180 and adjusts itself with this to the two different illuminant systems.

Large magic lantern/enlarger made by Ica Aktiengesellschaft Dresden.
Large magic lantern/ enlarger made by ICA Dresden, early 20th century. Length 67 cm, height 50 cm. 
Very special horizontal ICA magic lantern provided with a vertical lamp house.

Lamp house and condenser can be moved horizontal.
Lamp holder is vertical adjustable.

L x W x H: c. 46 cm x 20 cm (35 cm slide holder) x 40 cm.

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