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    Mickey Mouse Projector.

"One of the oustanding successes of the year. Can use up to 50 feet of film. Hand crank. Green enamel finish with Mickey Mouse decoration. For use with ordinary house bulbs up to 75 watts. Furnished: 1 empty 50 foot spool." (Advert)

Circa 1935 from Keystone Manufacturing Company. The green painted metal projector unit is 6” x 9.5” x 11.5” (15 x 24 x 29 cm) tall.
There's a decal featuring the 1930s Mickey Mouse in a classic Mickey Mouse pose on each side, with the legend "(C) BY SPECIAL PERMISSION WALT DISNEY ENT." above him, and "KEYSTONE MFG. CO. MADE IN BOSTON, U. S. A. " below him. The projector comes in a cardboard box with matching paper label on front/back panels. This is model “E-18” by Keystone Mfg. Co., 1934. The label features image of Mickey himself using this projector to show a film to Minnie and Pluto.
This is a slightly different model with a green base with extended-corner feet. Another difference is the chimney on the roof of the red model. The green model has ventilation slits in roof and side walls.
This is a Keystone View Company Magic Lantern manufactured by Bausch & Lomb Company. It measures approximately 25.5 cm tall (30.5 cm if you include the handle on top), 12.5 cm wide, and 56 cm in length with bellows extended. The cast iron base has hinges to change the angle of the projector.

A 1920s Keystone Moviegraph film projector in a black metal housing with applied textured finish. Marked with a plaque to the front “Made in Boston U.S.A Patented Keystone MovieGraph”.
Keystone Kinescope, #194 tin magic lantern. Sizes: w 6" (15 cm), h 9" (23 cm), d 8" (20.5 cm). Made by Keystone MFG Co. Boston.

1930's - 40's Keystone Jr Cinematograph.
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