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The Pettibone Manufacturing Company was settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. The founder James Pettibone took over John Boner's military goods store where he worked as a clerk, in 1872. Around the end of that century the Pettibone Company was described as 'the large establishment in which all kinds of paraphernalia for lodges, societies, schools, etc. are manufactured, and in which four hundred and fifty people are constantly employed'. They produced among other things two versions of the attractive 'New Improved Sciopticon with Revolving Disc'.
New Improved Sciopticon

The Pettibone Mfg. Co. patented this striking magic lantern with revolving disc in 1888 for use primarily in fraternal society lodges.

The revolving disc that holds 10 small circular discs of glass with brightly coloured pictures gave this version its popular nickname of the "peacock", because of the resemblance to a peacock that has fanned out its tail.

The black triangle piece holds the revolving disc and has a click to lock the frames to prevent them from moving when they are projected.

The photos show the quality and beauty of the construction, using oak, brass, nickel and gilt decorated "japaned" sheet metal.


Instructions how to operate the New Improved Sciopticon with revolving disc. This sheet was glued inside the lid of a transport chest.
Fleur-de-lis version.

A very nice “Lodge Lantern style” magic lantern made in flat black japanned metal with nickel-plated lens assembly and legs. The legs have a lizard skin pattern and a fleur-de-lis decoration. Holes in the lantern body are also in fleur-de-lis pattern. This lantern also uses a cast aluminium 'peacock' wheel, that rotates to position each view behind the lens. It contains 10 slides. Overall length of the lantern is 19” (c. 48 cm).

The Champion Sciopticon.

The manual for Pettibone magic lanterns reads:

We manufacture several styles of Sciopticon expressly for Lodge Room Work: The Paranon, The Challenge, The Pettibone. The Champion, etc. The above illustration represents "The Champion," our finest and most expensive style.


Original transport case for Pettibone Sciopticon magic lantern. Measures 22'' x 15'' x 18'' (c. 56 x 38 x 45,5 cm).

Probably a Pettibone sciopticon, with oil illuminant, hinged reflector, tin lamp house and mahogany body with nickel-plated fittings and focusing lens, lg. 13" (33 cm), in canvas-covered wood case.


Monarchy Electric Sciopitocon
This magnificent Pettibone "Monarchy" carbon arc magic lantern has an oak base that houses the resistors. The current can be regulated by means of a five position switch on the base. Four claw feet suspend the lantern over the base and there are acorn finials at all ends of the suspension rods.



Revolving Discs, holding a series of circular slides set in a large, spoked wheel. Each frame of a slide has a notch that allows the disc holder to lock the slide when it is projected.

One of the series tells the story of Damon and Pythias, a story that was often used by the Freemason Fraternity during their ceremonies, because it portrays the message that nothing can get in the way of a true friendship.

Some reels were delivered with a Pettibone advertisement slide included in the story.

Another Pettibone ad showing the Pettibone building.

Changing or removing of the slides from the reel is rather simple because the slides lay in circular 'cups' and are hold in position by means of metal clasping rings.
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