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Off course there are more good magic lantern sites than those on this page. Discover them by visiting the Link-pages on the sites below. Have a nice trip and.... please come back at any time.
sites on magic lanterns The Magic Lantern Society (UK)
The Magic Lantern Society has many members worldwide. The Society originated from an informal meeting held at Corsham Court, Wiltshire, in 1976, and was formally brought into being in January 1977 with about 25 members.

The Magic Lantern Society of The United States and Canada
Site introducing the US Society. Aimed at enthusiasts living in the USA and Canada.

Toverlantaarn (The Magic Lantern)
A very interesting magic lantern site of Charles Barten. This site contains mainly a large amount of pictures from magic lanterns, lantern slides, and other collector items coming from his own collection. In May 2011 the number of photographed slides passed 5,000.

The Complete History of the Discovery of Cinematography
caveartA chronological survey of the development of the movies, from 900 BC (!) until the first years of cinematography around 1900, compiled by the Canadian film historian and former journalist Paul Burns. Very complete and rich illustrated. Recommended!

Galantee So
Dolly Whilems and Derek Adams Magic Lantern page. A nice site with a description of the Phantasmagoria from Etienne Gaspard Robertson (with animated illustrations). Also a series lantern slides about Java (the island).

Collecting Vintage Film (Movie Cine) Cameras and Projectors
Comprehensive homepage of a Dutch collector of projectors, magic lanterns and so on, with much interesting stuff, like 'A hundred years of film sizes' and an extensive list of manufacturers of camera's, projectors and of course...... magic lanterns.

Optical Toys, A virtual museum.
The scope of this website is to provide an overview of toy projectors and viewers produced between 1870 and 2015, along with the corresponding background information.
The descriptions of the apparatuses are complemented by images of brochures, ads, patents, and instruction manuals, if available. The latter, as well as the ads, can be downloaded as pdfs in their original size.

Magic Lantern World.

Andrew Gill's informative website and regular blog about his slide collection, books, Ebay store and more. The main aim of his blogs is to explore glass slides with hand painted or printed pictures and remarkable photographs. However also related fields are dealt with, like magic lanterns and perspective views.


Panelectric Sinema
A lot of information on Cinema, Magic Lanterns, Optical toys, Moving pictures, Performances, and more.

Histoire des Projections Lumineuses (History of Light Projections).
A well presented French magic lantern site that contains a lot of valuable information about subjects like chronology, repertoire, portraits, publications, links and much more. Interesting articles; richly illustrated. French and English versions.


shows The Christiaan Huygens Theater
located in Zeist, the Netherlands, is named after the inventor of the magic lantern and is specially fixed up for giving authentic magic lantern shows.
I regret to inform you about the decease of
Willem Albert Wagenaar
at April, 27 2011.
Prof. dr. W.A. Wagenaar held a chair at a lot of Dutch Universities and was an authority on the field of human memory. However in the world of the Magic Lantern he was principally known as a passionate collector and the many shows he presented in his own theatre are for many of us unforgettable.
We will miss him.

The family still continues the performances in the theatre.

Nico's Tooverlantaarnmuseum
A successful combination of a museum and a theatre. Henk Boelmans Kranenburg owns an extensive collection of magic lanterns, lantern slides and all kinds of objects related to the magic lantern. There are exhibitions, workshops and magic lantern shows in the museum. The side contains among other things a lot of wonderful home-made small films.

Dickens Theater, Laren.
The Dutch historic researcher Aad Kok puts himself in Charles Dickens' shoes when he gives us a very personal insight in the origination of his monthly instalments and books. Else Flim translated the original reading texts in Dutch and adapted them for the stage.

Magic Lantern Shows
Terry Borton from the American Magic Lantern Theatre produces ten different genuine Victorian Magic Lantern Shows, accompanied by live music from a piano player. You'll find a review of his repertoire and all information about the shows. Also a survey of the history of the magic lantern.

The Dutch Visual Theatre Group Lichtbende presents contemporary Light Theatre using old magic lanterns and live music. Whereas most modern lanternists try to imitate the performances of ages ago, these Dutch artists create a brand new art form, using an age-old medium.

Musica Magica
Ruth Baumer and Günther Holzhey, well-known as duo Musica Magica, occupy themselves with the history of optical and acoustical media for twenty years and present performances about this subject. A selection from their program you find on their German site.

Ludwig Vogl-Bienek and Karin Bienek's German website. Lots of good things to see, even if your German is not so good, including a visit to Karin and Ludwig's shop in historical Limburg an der Lahn.

Monique Wezenberg
Website on the magic lantern shows that are presented by Monique at festivals, schools, theatres and other places.

museums Stedhûs Sleat.
At the museum attic of the old town hall of the Frisian town Sloten you enter the world of Peter Bonnet. This ex-resident of Sloten gathered a beautiful collection of magic lanterns during his life.

Speelgoedmuseum Deventer.
In this toy museum is a separate room with 'Optical Amusement', including magic lanterns and slides. Images of magic lanterns and slides you will find at this site under the tab Collectie..... Zoeken.... toverlantaarn.

Museo del Precinema - Collezione Minici Zotti
Site from the famous museum of Minici Zotti in Padova, Italy. Survey of the collection of the museum, magic lantern shows and exhibitions.

douglasThe Bill Douglas Centre
Description of some magic lanterns, slides, books and posters from the collection of the Bill Douglas Centre.

Museu del Cinema

The Tomàs Mallol Film Museum-Collection is a permanent, non-profit institution, open to the public as a space for scientific, cultural and leisure participation of citizens, and at the service of society and its development.

  History of Cinema Museum
(Formerly known as Dubai Moving Images Museum)
The purpose of the museum is to share the prehistory of cinema through objects complimented by digital clips and interactive models, collected over 35 years by Mr. Akram Miknas, a Bahraini/Lebanese business man with a passion for photography.


shops Pierre Patau   Elisabeth Calley
Games, Juvenilia, Optical toys, Magic, Movable books. An impressive stock of high quality magic lanterns, slides and optical toys as well as all sort of related items, representing the world of entertainment at home and on the street before the advent of cinema and television.

Sunny Hillside Antiques
Al Kaske's good looking site is filled with information about antiques, toys, puzzles, tiles and much more. The most interesting part however is his Magic Lantern page with examples of lanterns, slides, mechanical slides and accessories.

Grand Illusions
An amazing site - lots of interesting optical material and items for sale. Watch the video of the dragon whose head follows you wherever you go.


.... and more....  

Achter de rug.
A well-cared site on old books. An important part of these books are the Sunday School booklets, an impressive item delivered by the Lanternist Annet Duller. From well-known books like 'Jessica's eerste gebed (Jessica's Prayer) magic lantern slides were made by the Dutch glass painter J.W.H.C. van Staveren and you find them here on this site. Also an extensive Catalogus van Lantaarnplaten (Catalogue of Magic Lantern Slides) published by the Apeldoornse Lichtbeeldendienst. 

The largest database on photo's of magic lanterns, lantern slides and items related to the magic lantern. Gives among other things a survey of more than 7000 magic lantern stories, readings at the stories, a.s.o.

Verzamelaarsnet - Dutch site for collectors of art, antiques and curiosities.


Dutch society of Photographica-collectors.


Füsslin Verlag, Stuttgart Germany
Füslin Verlag is a publishing house that brings out books on precinema subjects such as optical toys, peepshows, anamorphos and laterna magica.

   Collectors Weekly
Their Magic Lanterns and Lantern Slides page.

Optische Fenomenen (Optical Phenomenons)
The Dutch Foundation for Perception and Holography aims to promote the interest for holography, the three-dimensional observation, optical illusions, anamorphoses and the optical perception in general.



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