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The Pilgrim's Progress.
part 2.
A set of at least 34, but possibly even 60, black and white slides made by the Makers Newton & Co, London. All slides are numbered with description in the mat, and with Newton & Co Museum St / Permission of Religious Tract Society' labels, some with additional Lizars Edinburgh retailers labels.
1. Christian walking in the field. 2. Evangelist pointing to the gate. 3. Obstinate Goes Railing Home.
4. The Slough of Despond. 5. Christian meets Mr. Worldly Wiseman. 6. Christian at Mount Sinai.
7. Christian at the Gate. 8. Goodwill shows the way. 9. Christian Arriving at the Interpreter's House.
10. Man in the Iron Cage. 11. The oil on the Fire. 12. The Valiant Warrior.
13. Christian sees the Cross. 14. Christian arrives at the Cross. 15. Christian Climbing the Hill Difficulty.
16. Christian loses the Roll. 17. Christian finds the Roll. 18. Christian encounters the Lions.
19. Christian and Apollyon: The attack. 20. Christian and Apollyon: The struggle. 21.Christian and Apollyon: Triumph.
22. Passing through Vanity Fair. 23. Faithful Burnt at the Stake. 24. Faithful Carried to Heaven.
25. Christian and Hopeful leaving Vanity Fair. 26. Caught by Giant Despair. 27. Giant Despair Takes the Pilgrims into the Courtyard of his Castle.
28. Pilgrims in Doubting Castle. 29. The Pilgrims escape. 30. Giant Despair has a Fit.
31. Crossing the River of Death. 32. The Pilgrims meet the Two Shining Ones.
33. The Pilgrims ascend. 34. The Pilgrims ascend the Throne.

Coloured version of the black and white set above.
Eight slides from a larger set, probably also from Newton & Co.
Christian walking in the field. Evangelist pointing to the gate.
Obstinate Goes Railing Home. The Slough of Despond.
Christian at the Gate. Christian Climbing the Hill Difficulty.
Christian and Hopeful leaving Vanity Fair. The Pilgrims escape.
The Pilgrim's Progress.

Four beautiful large magic lantern slides in wooden frame from a much larger set. Probably made by G.E. Smith, Nottingham.

Frame size: 16.5 cm x 9.7 cm x 0.9 cm.
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