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The Pilgrim's Progress.
part 3.
The Pilgrim's Progress - Theobald First Series.
Theobald & Co. released two versions of The Pilgrim's Progress. This is the first version (Old Series).

The titles of the slides we found in 'J. Theobald and Company's additional special illustrated catalog of magic lanterns, slides and apparatus' (London: Theobald & Co., c.1893).

The Pilgrim's Progress - Barnard.
Barnard & Sons used the same images for a set of twelve circular slides mounted in a wooden frame. All slides wear a label with the name of the manufacturer and the title of the set. They are 7 x 3 inches in size ( 18 x 7,6 cm).

The Pilgrim's Progress - Theobald Second Series.
This set of twelve magic lantern slides is made by the English manufacturer Theobald & Co. Theobald released two versions of The Pilgrim's Progress. This is the second.
1. Christian wishing his family farewell. 2. Evangelist points the way. 3. In the Slough of Despond.
4. Christian's burden falls off. 5. The three shining ones. 6. Christian climbing the Hill Difficulty.
7. Christian returns thanks for victory. 8. Faithful cuts, and is cut by his relations. 9. Vanity Fair.
10. Christian and Faithful in chains. 11. The Pilgrims cross the River Death. 12. The Pilgrims escorted by the Host of Heaven.
The Pilgrim's Progress -

Bamforth & Co. (MacKeith set).
Seven slides from a large set of 42 slides. All slides are numbered with description in the mat.

The set is based on drawings by the Scottish artists David Scott (1806-1849) and his brother William Bell Scott, in an edition of The Pilgrim's Progress originally published in 1851, (The Pilgrim's Progress with forty illustrations by David Scott, R.S.A., &c.; a life of Bunyan by the Rev. J. M. Wilson; and explanatory notes abridged from the Rev. Thomas Scott, published by A. Fullarton, London, Edinburgh and Dublin).
The editor of this volume, states that David did the first part and his brother the second part (about Christina) after his brother's death. It appears that either the brothers shared the first part or that William Bell Scott, who did all of the illustrations for the second, added a few to the first.
16. Christian is harnessed for the Pilgrimage.  
17. Christian equipped goes on his Way. 18. The Fight with Apollyon.
19. A hand from Heaven heals Christian's wounds. 23. Christian hails Faithful journeying on before.
27. They are made a Derision at Vanity Fair. 31. They journey by the Water of Life.
The Pilgrim's Progress. (Life)

Made by York & Son, c. 42 slides.
The set below is not complete.
Though the labels in the corner of these slides mark them all as Life Model many of them are actually drawings. Almost all the slides missing here are drawings. Not available (n.a.)

1. Portrait of Bunyan.
2. Bunyan alarmed for the salvation of his Soul
3. Bunyan listens to three Women.
4. Bunyan parting with his Wife and Children.
5. Bunyan's Tomb. 6. Christian Reading his Book. 6a. Christian and Evangelist.
7. Christian, Pliable, and Obstinate.
8. Christian helped out of the Slough. (n.a.)
9. Worldly Wiseman. (n.a.)
10. Christian under Sinai.
11. Christian knocking at the Gate. (n.a.)
12. Goodwill shows Christian the way.
13. Passion and Patience.
14. The Fire burning. (n.a.)
15. The Man with the stout countenance. (n.a.)
16. The Man in the Cage. (n.a.)
17. Christian's burden falls off. (n.a.)
18. The three shining Ones.
19. Christian in the Arbour.
20. Christian at the door of Palace Beautiful. 21. Christian armed. 22. Christian defeats Apollyon.
23. The Valley of the Shadow of Death. 24. Faithful lifts Christian. 25a. Death of Faithful.
25b. Vanity Fair. 26. Christian and Hopeful enter into a brotherly convenant. 27. Lady Feigning's daughter.
29. The Pilgrims rest by the River of the Water of Life. 30. Christian and Hopeful at the Stile of Bypath Meadow.
31. Christian and Hopeful found asleep by Giant Despair. (n.a.)
32. The Giant beats his Prisoners. (n.a.)
33. Christian and Hopeful escape from the Dungeon.
34. Christian and Hopeful on the Delectable Mountains.
35. Victims of Giant Despair among the Tombs. (n.a.)
36. Little Faith robbed. (n.a.)
37. The Pilgrims in view of the Celestial City.
38.The Pilgrims Cross the River of Death.
39. The Pilgrims ascend the Hill under escort. (n.a.)
40. Ignorance thrust into Hell. (n.a.)
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