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The Pilgrim's Progress.
Including: Life of John Bunyan.
part 4.
Some other sets.........
Intro slide Routledge & Sons, London. One slide from a set of 40 slides made by York & Son, England. One slide from a set of 40 slides made by York & Son, England.
Possibly these two sets form a mixed life model/drawings set.
One from a set of Newton & Co. One slide from a set of 60, made by the Riley Brothers. A primitive hand painted slide from a set of probably 57 slides made by the Riley Brothers.
Life of John Bunyan.

As narrated by himself in his work 'Grace Abounding'.
This set of slides is from the very beautiful series of Original Drawings made by Harold Copping for the R.T.S. By permission of the Religious Tract Society.

De set van 15 zwart/witte platen is gemaakt door Newton & Co. genummerd van 1 t/m 15 (plaat no 1 'Bunyan reading with his wife' ontbreekt).
All slides are numbered with description in the mat, and all with a Newton & Co Museum St / Permission of Religious Tract Society' labels, some with additional Lizars Edinburgh retailers labels.
2. In the midst of his game hears a Voice from Heaven. 3. Watching the bell-ringers at the steeple-door. 4. Bunyan and the poor women of Bedford.
5. In Mr Gilford's house. 6. Moping in the field in his despair. 7. Seeking help from an aged Christian.
8. Distress of conscience at denying the Lord. 9. In his home hears a Voice bidding him 'Go to Jesus.'. 10. Preaching to the countryside.
11. Slandered by the ignorant and malicious. 12. Before the Justice. 13. Tried before the court. His determination to preach the Gospel at all costs.
14. Bunyan's wife pleading before the judges. 15. Parting with his wife and children.
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