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Magic lantern slide showing four black and white photographic portraits. Manufacturer Ernst Plank (E.P.), Set II, Nr 5001. The sets are sold in widths from 4 - 10 cms, provided with a covering glass. The complete series consists of 6 glasses containing four pictures each. Glass 2: Negro - Arabian - Shield bearer - Esquire.

Two times five portraits on a magic lantern slide made by an unknown manufacturer.

Four portraits on an oblong magic lantern slide, 8 cm wide. Manufacturer unknown.
Three slides from a series called 'Funny Faces', produced by the English firm Millikin & Lawley. They often sold series of slides put together from other sets from other publishers; that makes clear why the style of these slides does not always match.

Mechanical slipping slide depicting a High Court judge whose eyes move from side to side. It's number 93 from the set 'Funny Faces'.

One from a set of twelve children magic lantern slides, 22 cm x 7 cm, manufacturer unknown.

Five Children's Portraits. Sizes 15 cm x 4 cm.

Another five children's portraits.

Oblong magic lantern slide showing four tidy dressed dogs.


These funny magic lantern slides measure a large 8 ins x just over 2 1/4 ins (20.5 x 6 cm).

A multiple magic lantern slide, colour, dimensions 15 x 4 centimetres (approx. 6"x 1 1/2"). Early 1900's. Five fops wearing a flower as a hat. Note that all these images extend their circular frames, which is very unusual.

Two times four portraits.   Manufacturer unknown.
A magic lantern slide set of 12 slides (numbered 1 through 12) which shows Victorians in various poses and expressions.

Four grown-ups and....

four pretty children.

Four portraits on a magic lantern slide probably made by Max Dannhorn.
This is a series of six vicar slides that all have to do with greed. The balding vicar who enjoys a glass of whine has a mischievous expression; the other vicars look like a real glutton. Slides are made by W.C. Hughes, London, c. 1880-86.
Two other portrait slides made by W.C. Hughes, London.

Portraits of unidentified actor in various character roles

A set of 14 square photographic magic lantern slides made by G. Chapman, 50 Wellington Mews, Hastings, England. The slides are provided with two elongated labels, the bottom one shows the name of the maker, the top one is blank. Maybe this label once had a title or the name of the owner on it.
The set was probably made to order of the actor as a kind of portfolio to show which different character roles he could play and the set was never commercially available.

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