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part 3

Two circular magic lantern glass slides # IV and # VI with six images each. They measure approx. 4.3" across. Made in Germany by Ernst Plank. 1880's or 1890's.
This disc shaped magic lantern slide is larger than the one above, it measures 6" (15.2 cm) across and shows eight scenes in bright colours.  Metal framed. For use in a special E.P. children's lantern.

Manufacturer: Ernst & Plank (E.P.) Germany.  The label in the middle shows the number of the slide, No IV.

Another Robinson Crusoe disc slide, made by Ernst Plank.
Four oblong magic lanternslides of an unknown manufacturer, each depicting three scenes from the Robinson Crusoe story.


Finally a funny parody on the Robinson Crusoe story: Mickey Crusoe, a set of colour glass slides with Mickey Mouse playing the part of Robinson. Made in England by Ensign Limited by arrangement with Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse Ltd., early 1930ís. These slides were meant to be used in the Mickey Mouse Projector.
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