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part 2
On the wild billows.....
ships, boats, a raft..... everything that floats on the water
(but sometimes sinks).
1. There in the midst, an ocean waif. 2. See! as she rolls and dips to meet each waif. 3. Listen! 'tis her child softly singing in her sleep. 4. The morn rose clear - no sign of storm or gale.
The Raft

is a brilliant coloured set of five Life Model magic lantern slides with costumed actors creating scenes to illustrate the story. It tells the tale of a woman and her child stranded on a raft in rough stormy seas and rescued. 3.25 inch square, c. 1890.

5. They brought the child and mother in safety from the raft.
The complete set of slides.
Alone on the raft
Another exciting adventure on a raft, in the middle of the sea.
This series of square slides was made by Bamforth & Co., England, after a song by Henry Vaughan and Paul Rodney, 'Alone on the raft'.
1. Alone on the raft in the twilight, afloat on the mighty deep, / A poor sailor boy was lying on the drifting planks asleep 2. The cold night wind soon awoke him from his brief and restless sleep, / And he gazed with a look, oh! so eager, o'er the waves of the silent deep
3. He knelt down at last in the moonlight and cried, as he looked above, / 'Oh, Father on high, have mercy, and save me in Thy love' 4. Then, weary and faint with hunger, he fell like a log on the raft, / While silent and low the winds did blow, softly rocking the little craft
5. Then life came back to him slowly, there were kind faces clustered round / On the deck of a gallant vessel, so swiftly homeward bound
6. And a cheer rang out from the seamen as he stood right up by the mast / He could scarce speak for joy, the poor sailor boy they had saved from the sea
Two impressive slides from a set of magic lantern slides about the life of the Vikings.

The glass slides measure 8.2 x 8.2 cm.

Set of four magic lantern slides "Voyage of Life". Four standard 3" circular glass images mounted in 4" x 7" mahogany frames.

"The Voyage of Life" was a series of four oil paintings by New York landscape artist Thomas Cole (1801-1848). The four huge canvases, painted in 1839, were romantic landscapes, through which a tiny boat made its perilous way. Each painting represented a different stage in life's progress, reflected by the occupants of the boat: Childhood, Youth, Adulthood and Old Age.


Very pleasant image of a gentleman rowing his boat. One slide from a series 'Temperance entertainment 1'. The slide is numbered '2' and labeled 'T. Mayne Dublin - The Rapids'. It is made by the English manufacturer York and Son.

This lovely young couple went out boating. However the sea turns out to be much more rough than they suspected. The waves are moved by means of a brass lever.

Framed in mahogany, sizes 17.5 x 11 cm approx.


Four mahogany framed magic lantern slides measuring 16.5 x 10 cm, made by one of the very best manufacturers 'W.E.& F. NEWTON, 3 FLEET STREET, LONDON '.



This outstanding mechanical magic lantern slide in a wood frame measures approx. 7 inch by 4 inch (18 x 10 cm) overall with the central glass slide area being approx. 2 3/4 inch (9 cm) in diameter.

This slide uses two discs of glass - one stationary and painted with an image of the surface of the sea. The second painted disc features an image of a sailing ship which can be manipulated with a brass lever attached to the brass frame of this disc.
When the lever is moved up and down the ship appears to be rocking and travelling on the surface of the sea.

The Emigrants Voyage (to Australia).

Set of 12 coloured magic lantern slides, numbered 1 to 12 and made by Theobald & Co. C. 1900.
Glass slides are 82 by 82mm.


Very nice example of a vintage mechanical slide.
Wooden frame is c. 18 x 10 cm and the glass is 7.5 cm in diameter.

As the lever is moved, the ship appears to role on the waves, revealing the moon behind its sails.


Made by Carpenter & Westley, 24 Regent Street London and marked so on the wooden frame.
The Wreckers.

A set of 10 square magic lantern slides made by Walter Tyler around 1890.
1. The Mariner's Friend. 2. In the night of storm and cloud. 3. Forth came the hardy fischer folk.
4. Wreckers at work. 5. False lights. 6. Wrecker and his son.
7. The Heavenly way. 8. Manned alone by the brave. 9. Is wrecking a thing of the past? Not so!
Slide # 10 is a composed picture. It looks as the 'preview' of a temperance story.

Probably there exists an alternative version of this set slides.
At the right an image of a slide numbered 1. This resembles slide #1 above.

Releasing a new and usually improved version of a set of slides occurred frequently.
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