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part 1
On the wild billows.....
ships, boats, a raft..... everything that floats on the water
(but sometimes sinks).

A superb magic lantern double glass slide from 1880. The slides are hand painted and represent a sailing boat and a steamboat navigating in a French harbour by night. Because the glasses can be moved independently, the ships can even pass each other. Probably French, c. 1885.The frames measure 14.2 by 4.3 inches (or 36cm x 11cm).

Ships in a port. Magic lantern slide made by Ernst Plank (Germany).

This very special mechanical rack work slide has an unusual mechanism known as a semi elliptical cam, which produces a realistic illusion of the rolling sea when the crank is turned round. The slide is set in a mahogany frame (cover removed) measuring 7" x 4.25".

Victorian lantern slide of a ship tossed in rough seas. The glass disc (diameter 3 1/2") encased in brass, rotates by means of a lever, and gives the appearance of a ship rocking. Dimensions 7" x 4 1/2" (18 x 11 cm).

Ships at sea.... and this magic lantern slide is also made by Ernst Plank (Germany).

A view of a Steamboat Race on the Mississippi. The title of the slide is on the side of the frame that measures 7 x 4 inches; the image is 3 inches across. This is one slide of a pair of dissolving views.
Here we see the 'Natchez' racing with the 'Eclipse'. Which one shall be the winner?
Fortunately a slide of another set shows what happened only a second later. The crew of the Natchez asked too much from the ships engine and it exploded with such a power that even the cover glass of the slide was cracked.


The rectangular slide above measures 3.25" x 4" and is labelled: P.O.S.of A-No. 14.
A dramatic picture of the large British steamship the 'Lusitania' sinking. The Lusitania was sunk by Germany submarines off the coast of Ireland May 7, 1915 during WWI. Since there were Americans aboard, sentiment in the US grew about declaring war on Germany. However, America did not join WWI directly until later. It is a wonderful image that quite possible came from the London Illustrated News.
The slide above has the picture set in a wooden frame, size 7" x 4". The glass is 3.25" in diameter.
The Overland route to India - New Series.

Set of twelve square magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co. England. Images based on work of William Whitelock Lloyd, P. & O. pencillings: sketches on board a steamer. All slides are marked: 'P & O Pencillings' at the bottom of the images.

Reissue of an earlier series with the same title.
This set is continued by 'Life onboard an Ocean Palace' (see below).
1. Peninsular and Oriental Steamer off Tilbury. 2. Going on Board. 3. Pilot leaving the Ship off the Isle of Wight.
4. The Brindisi Express. 5. Naples with view of Vesuvius in the distance. 6. On the Open Sea.
7. Arrival at Gibraltar. 8. Lace Sellers at Malta. 9. Port Said.
10. Suez Canal with Town in the distance. 11. A hot night in the Red Sea. 12. An afternoon on Deck.
Life on board an Ocean Palace.

Set of twelve square magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co. England. Images based on work of William Whitelock Lloyd, P. & O. pencillings: sketches on board a steamer. All slides are marked: 'P & O Pencillings' at the bottom of the images.

Continued from 'The overland route to India' (see above).
1. A Slight Roll. 2. A Sunny Bit of the Hurricane Deck. 3. Dinner under difficulties.
4. Dressing for dinner. 5. Off Cape Bonn. 6. Sports on board deck.
7. Muster on Sunday Morning. 8. Church Service. 9. The Music Room.
10. Cricket on Deck. 11. Cleaning the Deck. 12. The Stokers at Work.


'Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren...'

This wonderful hand painted slide shows you why...... The unusual mahogany frame measures 8.25 x 4.25 inches.

Lovely hand painted lever slide measuring 11.25 x 18 cm. When the lever is operated the passenger's cabin rocks as if the ship is on the high seas.

A set of five magic lantern slides titled 'Fated Ship'. It represents American ships in different situations. The wooden frames measure 7 by 4 inches (or 18 x 10 cm).
The manufacturer is T.H. Mc Allister, optician N.Y.
The labels read:
"III Fated Ship.-1 Leaving port"
"III Fated Ship.-2 Sailing with fair wind"
"III Fated Ship.-3 Among the Iceberg"
"III Fated Ship.-4 On a ...rock"
"III Fated Ship.-5 On Fire!"

Hand painted mechanical magic lantern slide with an eccentric movement. It measures 17.5 x 10 cm.
Three wonderful slides from a set of eight slides from the collection of 'Junior Lecturer's Series' titled 'Our Lifeboat Men' (Nr 716). Made by William Butcher & Sons, London. Click here for the complete set.

Marvellous hand-painted magic lantern slide in a wooden frame. The label at the front says: 'Engagement at Sea'.

The frame measures 6.75" x 4" (17 x 10 cm).
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