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You’re my Baby
Eight slides from a series of twelve. The slides are numbered  X, 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12.
Bygone Days
Two gorgeous magic lantern slides.


Two Blue Eyes

Edward Madden en Theodore Morse.

The original sheet music and a special version, belonging to the magic lantern slides from Scott & Van Altena.
Below eight slides from the series.

Just some more romance........
Missing title He's a Devil Missing title Missing title
Vivid Lavendar Missing title Kiss Me Honey Kiss Me Lend me a Kiss
Dewitt C. Wheeler


Unfortunately we know very little from the maker of these beautiful magic lantern slides, Dewitt C. Wheeler. These slides are labelled “E.S. Borgelt, Sond Slide Rental Exchange, 1822 Lafayette Ave, Phone Kin, Genterl 9213-R, Granite Bldg., 4th and Market Sts. Room 208", obviously the name and address of the rental service.

Style and subjects hardly differ from the slides made by Scott & Van Atena. Here too Love plays the leading part.

This wonderful slide made by De Witt C. Wheeler shows the trademark and the address of the maker.

Sizes: 3.25"x 4" (c. 8 x 10 cm).
Harry F. Stains Co
of Camden, NJ.
Below are four slides from the series 'Under the Love Star', the Chorus slide and the numbers 1, 5 and 13, and four slides from the series 'Pretty Linda', two of them numbered 8 and 12.
Excelsior Slide Company Hand colored magic lantern slide by Excelsior Slide Company - 138 E 14th Street - New York City. This singalong slide illustrates the song "She Loved Too Well."
A.L. Simpson
Sweet Rosie May. Set of eight slides on a popular song from the Schiller Music Pub Co. New York City depicting a visit to Coney Island. A trolley out front of the Mardi Gras Hotel, a trolley with a 'D'Lancy St. NY' placard, three slides near the seashore, Rosie May on a coin-op scale outside of Pike's Peak, and the outside of a souvenir shop which is loaded with the then newly popular teddy bears. The last slide has the chorus for the sheet music song. Slides measure 3.25"x 4" (8 x 10 cm).

Also the large European manufacturers of Live Model Slides, like Bamforth & Co. and York & Son produced a lot of Sing-along slides, however not by a long chalk as much as their American colleagues.
The Old Folks at Home, made by Bamforth & Co.
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