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Animals appear in the main role in these amusing magic lantern stories.
Part 5.
A Troublesome Security.

Bamforth & Co., England. 13 slides, c. 1885.
12 slides with additional title slide.
    1A. [Title slide]
1. The Fieldshire News Office. 2. Arrival of the Circus. 3. Securing the Security.
4. Feeding the Security. 5. A Lecture on Zoology. 6. The Bear Breaks Loose.
7. The Bear and the Editor. 8. Editor Escapes Through the Window. 9. The Fieldshire Fire Brigade.
10. The Bear Chokes Himself. 11. Removing the Security. 12. Surveying the Ruins.

The Photographer and the Dog.
A set of six slides made by Bamforth & Co., England. c. 1885.

A long magic lantern slide featuring a mischievous monkey at the zoo, made by Bing and sold in a box of 12 slides with different subjects.
The History of a chicken.

A set of magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co, England.
Our chick's life didn't start well. His mother died when he was only two days old and the other chickens badgered him. He befriended the farmer's daughter and a pig who also lived on the farm. The pig defended him from the evil outside world, but was killed when protecting his friend from a fox attack. The pig was buried and the chicken losed increasingly weight and eventually died of grief.
The Pugilistic Chanticleer.

A comic set of magic lantern slides made by an unknown manufacturer.
The item 'Animal Stories' shows several series of magic lantern slides in which an artist seeks the tranquillity of the countryside to paint there, but soon discovers that the rural tranquillity was an illusion. Here it is a rooster fighting its rival. However, the artist does not go home empty-handed.

Hand painted single lever magic lantern slide depicting a dog that tries to save the victim of an avalanche.

Manufacturer unknown.
Wooden frame measures c. 8 x 10 cm.
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