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Wilhelm Busch.  part 4.

Small envelopes with transparencies.

Cardboard envelopes measuring about 10 x 10 cm with the texts 'Wilhelm Busch in Lichtbildern', 'Mit Genehmigung der Fr. Bassermann'schen Verlags-Buchh., München', and sometimes the portraits of Max und Moritz on the front.
The envelopes contain a number of square sheets of a translucent film material with images of the original drawings by Wilhelm Busch. These envelopes have appeared with different stories, the number of film sheets and pictures differs per story. The images are provided with one to four images. Some stories appeared in colour, most in black and white. The transparencies had to be clamped between two glass plates (Klappgläser, flap-glasses) before they could be projected. On the back of the envelope is a warning that after a protracted projection one should not remove the film sheet from these glass plates before it is completely cooled, otherwise the film could be damaged by the sudden cooling.
As we can expect from Busch's drawings, these are not always neat and tasteful (see above).

In 'Der Geburtstag' a number of smaller, more or less independent stories are included, such as the following nightly accident.
The series 'Der Geburtstag' consists of more than 100 images spread over 47 transparencies of approx. 8 x 8 cm.


Max and Moritz – Eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen (A Story of Seven Boyish Pranks) is a German language illustrated story in verse that was written and illustrated by Wilhelm Busch and published in 1865. Two boys get up to lots of naughty pranks. There are seven stories, each telling one prank. In the final prank they are caught and come to a sad end because in the 19th century writers had to show that bad behaviour would be eventually punished.

Max and Moritz can be considered as the forerunners to the comic strip. The story inspired Rudolph Dirks to create The Katzenjammer Kids.

Ach, was muss man oft von bösen
Kindern hören oder lesen!
Wie zum Beispiel hier von diesen,
Welche Max und Moritz hiessen.
Erster Streich - first prank.

Zweiter Streich - second prank.

Fünfter Streich - fifth prank.

Sechster Streich - sixth prank.

    To be continued....
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