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Wilhelm Busch.  part 3.

The 'indispensable handbook' to the optical lantern: a complete cyclopaedia on the subject of optical lanterns, slides, and accessory apparatus (London: Iliffe & Son, 1888).
Honey stealers.
Die kleinen Honigdiebe (242).
A set of 8 slides made by York & Son, England.
1. In high glee Tommy and Billy go honey-stealing. 2. They quite forgot that bees have stings.
3. They have reason never to forget it again. 4. On arriving home, the father tries the cold water cure, but in vain.
5. To add to their misery, they cannot put their potatoes into their mouths. 6. They get no better till the stings are extracted.
7. The parts are soothed by the apothecary's skill. 8. And in bed they resolve never again to go honey-stealing.

Original drawing by Wilhelm Bush. As we can see the set above follows Busch' drawings rather close. However, slide #1 is added and some others have been left out.
A set magic lantern slides after Wilhelm Busch's story Die kleinen Honigtiebe has also been published by W. Butcher & Sons in their Junior Lecturers' Series as nr. 604.

Here the figures Tommy and Billy (Peterl und Hansel) differ quite a lot from the originals.
Crotchet's Musical Recital.
Der Virtuos (465).

A set of 12 slides made by York & Son, England.
Unfortunately this series is not (yet) complete. The missing slides are replaced below with the original images as Wilhelm Bush has drawn them. The illustrations in the book above clearly show that the original drawings from Busch were used to make the lantern slides, with a background drawn by the maker of the lantern slides.
Dr Snoozum and the Fly.
After the story 'die Fliege' (425) van Wilhelm Busch. This series magic lantern slides is made by York & Son, England. Spread over twelve magic lantern slides, the hunt for an irritating fly is shown. This series is also known under the titles 'The Death of the Bluebottle' and 'A flying Skirmish'. The slides are 8.2 cm square and are not provided with accompanying texts.
1. Dr Snoozum as he appeared after dinner. 2. A bluebottle pitches on a sensitive part. 3. The Dr wages war with his tormenter.
4. A favourable opportunity for capturing his enemy. 5. The Doctor finds that it is attended with disastrous results. 6. Before killing him the Doctor wishes to have a look at the insect.
7. After a desperate struggle the fly escapes, leaving a leg behind. 8. The Doctor mounts up in his chair, determined to conquer. 9. But unexpectedly descends, chair and all.
10. Exciting conflict, as the windows and flowers testify. 11. The Doctor's delight at the downfall of his foe. 12. Final tableau -- total annihilation of the fly.
Donkey and Mill

After Wilhelm Busch's story 'Der Bauer und der Windmüller' (300/301). Slides are made by York and Son and measure 8.2 cm square. Hand tinted.
1. The peasant and his donkey hasten to the mill
2. He fastens his donkey to the sail of the mill
3. The wicked miller sets the mill going
4. Up goes the donkey
5. The poor man hangs by the donkey's tail
6. The hair gives way, and down he comes
7. The miller is enjoying the sport
8. The peasant gets knocked over by the mill
9. The mill stops, but the donkey is dead. He vows vengeance
10. At night he comes and saws away the mill
11. Crack, crack, and at last over goes the mill and miller
12. This is the miller's punishment, and the peasant's revenge

Little Artist and Portfolio

A funny set of slides after the story 'Der kleine Maler mit der grossen Mappe' by Wilhelm Busch, Bilderbogen #248. In this story, a small artist uses his very large portfolio in all sorts of creative ways.
The maker of this set of slides is unknown. All slides are labelled with the title.
1. He uses it as a shelter from the rain 2. It also serves him as a raft 3. He uses it as a tent to sleep in
4. He performs a sledge ride upon it 5. And it protects him from an avalance 6. He prosecutes his studies in High art
In the original story, the artist also uses his portfolio as a smoke screen in a towed boat and as protection against the ants.
7. The wind carries them away, balloon fashion 8. How they both reach the ground
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