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A rather extensive collection of mechanical slides
part 1.

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Young boy and girl on a seesaw.

This nice mechanical magic lantern slide measures 4 by 7 with a 3 diameter 2-layer glass centre. Moving one of the glasses by moving the lever up and down, brings the image to live. This slide has no manufacturers name on it but is marked on the wood frame 'Patd June 17, 1890'.

Another version of a 'seesaw slide'. Slide measures 5.5" x 3" (14 x 7.5 cm)........


..... and yet another seesaw slide, measuring 7"x 4" (18 x 10 cm).

Sneezing Fisherman.

When the brass lever is operated the fisherman seems to rock to and fro when he sneezes. The slide measures 17.5 x 10 cm.



The drummer. Single slipping slide.

The Arab. When the slipping glass is operated the Arab's eyes move.
Set in a mahogany frame measuring 7 inches by 3 3/4 inches.

Juno in the Cauliflower.
Here is a wonderful magic lantern slip slide featuring rich, colourful, hand painted details. The overall size is 4 x 7 inches.
The lanternist pulls a glass slide to alter the image from a cauliflower to a caricature figure appearing excited over finding the plant.
The slide has a paper label attached to the glass plate:

Cutting Corns.

Mechanical magic lantern slide that shows a man cutting the corns at his foot in a rather unusual brute way using an axe. Measures 4" x 7".

Don't Do This At Home!

Vom Regen in die Traufe (Leap out of the frying pan into the fire).
Sipping slide made by the German manufacturer of magic lanterns and lantern slides Ernst Plank (E.P.).
Two images are rapidly changed by shifting the glass slide in the wooden frame.
Magic lantern slide 'Girl Skipping'
Pivoted lever slide. By moving the lever the skipping rope (up) and the skipping rope (down) are covered and revealed in turn. The speed at which the young lady skips can be varied according to the enthusiasm of the lanternist and of his public.
A Chromatrope is a very special mechanical magic lantern slide with two (or more) discs of glass painted with abstract patterns that rotate in opposite directions to produce complex and almost hypnotic kaleidoscopic images.

Dancing Skeleton.

This is a glass disk choreutoscope made by T. H. McAllister N.Y. C.1890 for use with a magic lantern. The name of the maker is pressed in the wooden frame.

The disk has six slots containing individual scenes of a skeleton. As you rotate the disk the skeleton appears to dance.

Windmills are a favourite subject for rackwork slides. Turning the handle makes the sails go round.

Three funny single slipping slides.

Shifting the slipping glass lets this young man stick his tongue out. The wooden frame measures 7" x 4".

It's probably his mate in the room downstairs who suddenly shifts the ladder upwards. Boingggg!

A gust of wind blows the lady's wig off....... and reveals that our lady is.... a man!

The trick also works on a nose.


Changing heads.
This Victorian magic lantern slide is known as a rackwork slide. When revolved it changes the soldiers heads into the heads of donkeys. Of course in reality the motion of the glass disk has to be slower and more fluent than in the image above. It measures 7" x 4".

Another three funny single slipping slides.

When the slipping glass is operated, the dog appears to bite the escaping monkeys tail off.

Under Her Hat. Another joke about a lady whose wig is removed. This time a naughty monkey is the offender.

Lever slide. When the lever is operated the man teaches the dog not to smoke. The naughty dog has the pipe still in its mouth.
The frame measures 7" x 4".

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