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A rather extensive collection of mechanical slides
part 2.

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Raising hat. Single lever slide, 18 cm x 10 cm ( 7" x 4" ). The slide is stamped "Pat'd June 17, 1890". The top hat is taken on and off his head as the lever is moved.
Mr. Pyro. A 7" x  4" (18 x 10 cm) mahogany framed, single slipping slide. The top edge of the frame is titled 'Mr Pyro' in ink. The slide shows Mr. Pyro in his photographic darkroom, pouring chemicals from a bottle into a measuring glass.

Interchangeable heads.
Mechanical magic lantern slide using a very special mechanism.
The wooden part is made of mahogany. The fixed glass represents a body dressed in a wonderful red and white dress with laces. The moving glass has 14 heads: a beautiful girl; a monster with a red crest; a skull; a magician; a Turkish; a crook; a big head with glasses; an Arab; a Pierrot; a sir; an ass; a parrot; a cat and a monkey. The moving glass slide is set within a brass frame. The lever is also brass made. Each time you pull and push the lever, a new head is added to the body. Its size: 9.7 by 4.9 inches (24.5 x 12.5cm).


Changing faces.
A funny antique magic lantern slide from c.1890.
The frame is made of pine wood. The fixed glass represents a gentleman dressed in a greenish costume. The shifting glass has seven hand painted heads: a cook, a clown, a baker, a French general, a colonialist, a peasant, and a burgess. Levers are ribbon made. Its size: 19.1 x 3.7 inches (48,5cm x 9,5 cm).

Oops!!! The ice is hard.
Single slipping slide, operated by a brass strip. C. 1900.


This hand painted double slipping lantern slide in a wooden frame dates from the 1880s. It has two slipping glasses. When shifted in the right order they produce the effect of a gymnast or acrobat performing a somersault.

Sizes: 7 inches (178 mm) x 4 inches (102 mm).


The Fly. Another beautiful lantern slide showing changing faces. Here we see and elder man that is tormented by a large fly. By turning the handle eight face expressions appear on the screen.

The Ascension (1)

Wonderful magic lantern rackwork slide. When you turn the small crank on the side a sheet of glass with the image of Jesus moves over the image of his disciples thus creating the illusion of Jesus rising up with the red dots from the crucifixion still on his hands.

The advantage of this slide was that only one magic lantern was needed for projection, while other methods required two lanterns. See below.

Sizes: 9 1/4" overall length and 4" across (c. 23.5 x 10 cm).
The Ascension (2)

Another magic lantern trick depicting the Ascension, this time using two slides to be placed in a biunial or pair of identical magic lanterns.
This trick requires two magic lantern slides in a wooden frame.
The first slide is a fixed glass slide with an image of the disciples. This slide is placed, of course upside down, in the lower part of the biunial.
The second one has a moving glass plate that can be moved by means of a brass lever. The back of the slide clearly shows how the glass plate can be moved.

This plate is placed vertically in the biunial so that the figure of Jesus can ascend.

The image of Jesus is projected over the image of the disciples (dissoving view), after which the lanternist can raise the brass lever to allow Jesus to ascend.
Scottish Dancer in kilt.
When the slipping glass is moved the dancer appears to jump in the air.
Wooden frame is 1.8 cm x 10.2 cm.

Made by Carpenter & Westley, 24 Regent Street London.



Beautiful single slipping slide made by an unknown manufacturer. The bottle thief is punished.

Two hand painted slipping slides, that feature a farmer pulling a pig's tail and an Irish farmer taking a piglet to market.

They are 7 inches (178 mm) x 4 inches (102 mm).

Grooming the Horse.

When the lever is moved it gives the impression that the young stable lad is grooming his horse.

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