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A rather extensive collection of mechanical slides
part 4.

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Un demenagement à la cloche de bois (A moonlight flit).

Double magic lantern slipping slide, hand-painted by Desh, one of the rare miniaturist lantern slide painters still famous today (c. 1880).
The frame is made of mahogany. The two moving glass slides are fixed in a brass frame. They show a guy on a balcony moving furniture. A domestic looks at him. But the cord breaks and a chair falls down on the head of the poor man! On the label is inscribed “Un demenagement à la cloche de bois” (This French expression means “to do a moonlight flit”).
Sizes: 11.4 by 4.3 inches (or 29cm*11cm).

A beautiful evening scene of an old castle on a rocky island with mountains in the background. The rocking glass makes the wonderful moving water effect in the foreground. Hand-painted, in mahogany mount, overall size 175 mm x 100 mm (7" x 4").

Made by Carpenter and Westley. Both labelled McAllister, MFG OPTICIAN, 49 NASSAU ST. NY and numbered 614 and 615 respectively.
Each measures 7" by 4".
This time the story is spread over two single slipping slides; one showing the monkey tormenting the dog and the other showing the dog getting it's revenge.


The bridge of Royans.

This single slipping slide with this very nice blue is certainly hand-painted by the French artist Desch.

Sizes 13 x 4.5 inches (33 x 11.5 cm). Dated circa 1850.


Single slipping slide. Man with walking stick. Size.: 18 x 10 cm.
English, c. 1895.

Single Pivoted glass slide.
Single Pivoted glass slide.

Hand-painted single slipping slide showing a man under the shower that is operated by his maidservant. He looks very satisfied.
Probably dating around 1880; it measures 7"x 4" (17,5 x 10 cm).

The moral of this story is: Always be careful with fire, especially when you wear a hat.

Single slipping slide in a wooden frame that gives the illusion that a steam train is crossing a bridge. The train is hand painted on the glass that is shifted slowly behind the fixed glass.

The frame measures 3.25" x 8" (c. 8.2 x  20.3 cm).



Single lever slide. When the lever is operated it gives the appearance of a convict (?) breaking rocks with the pickaxe. Another convict is hold captive in a pillory.
The mahogany frame measures 7" x 4" (17.5 x 10 cm).



Mahogany lever operated magic lantern slide, size 7" x 4" (17.7 cm x 10.2 cm). Soldier skipping rope.
A similar slide shows an old woman skipping rope with the help of her husband and a pig!
Size 7" x 4" (17.7 cm x 10.2 cm).

Beautiful double slipping slide that shows how a lady is abducted at night from a castle tower by a couple of men in a boat.

The lady and the men can be controlled independently from each other by means of two slipping glasses.

The wooden frame measures 18 x 10 cm.

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